Gcash Payment

Gcash Payment / Step-by-step Guide in Paying SSS Premium Contribution

To become a SSS member in good standing, you must pay your SSS premium contributions on time. Use Gcash payment. Failure to remit on time would mean disqualification from availing of certain benefits. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. Now, paying your Social Security System (SSS) Premium Contribution is quick and easy, especially …

Lumina Homes made real estate selling easy

Lumina Homes Made Digital Real Estate Selling Easy, Commission Increased by 6%

Real estate is one of the few industries that thrived during the pandemic. But as with other sectors, only brands, like Lumina Homes that can quickly adopt full digitalization and drive online sales can see light in the post-pandemic world. Lumina Homes, the ever-innovative housing brand for the middle-income Filipino, continues to be at the …

Culinary Schools.org

Online Games / Culinary School’s Online Games and Fitness Tools Jumpstart my Fitness Journey

Since I got married, I have struggled to keep healthy. I tried many diet programs and even enrolled in a gym class. But none of these helped me achieve my fitness goals.  Then, daddy duties and work got in the way. So, I forgot about a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. In my 50s and …

Solitaire Games

Solitaire Games Keep Me Sane During the Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic forced us to stay at home for so long. Most of our routines are done online, like buying our groceries, shopping for clothes, and paying our bills. On the other hand, our children have to learn their lessons virtually. The internet, computers, and mobile phones have become essentials to survive this …


Samsung Galaxy A03s Review:  Awesome Features at an Awesome Price

I have been a proud Samsung smartphone user since I started earning. In my 50s and semi-retired, I still have a Samsung phone, a Galaxy A51 model. What I like about Samsung is its innovative products, specifically its smartphones and household appliances. Samsung always comes out with products that are useful and convenient. Recently, I …

Drivers License Philippines

Drivers License Philippines / How to Get the 10 years Valid Driver’s License

Motorists are confused about the new LTO guidelines on drivers license Philippines renewal. If you are one of those who seems to be in limbo, this post is for you. I will answer some of your questions to get a new drivers license quickly and conveniently. Who are qualified to get the 10 years valid …

Comprehensive Driver Education

Comprehensive Driver Education / How to Be Certified

Starting October 28, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will require driver-applicants to present a Comprehensive Driver Education Certificate before processing their licenses. The latest LTO requirement complies with Republic Act 11093.  The new law mandates the transportation office to issue driver’s licenses only to deserving applicants with sufficient driving skills, road safety knowledge, and proper …