How to Buy the Best Dash Cam for Your Car

Want to know the best dash cam for your car?  

Whether you want it to record road mishap involving your car for an insurance claim, or a traffic-related accident you witnessed for your Facebook post, or you just want to capture a stunning countryside view on a road-trip, a dash cam is becoming a permanent fixture inside our cars.

How does dash cam work?

A dash camera is mounted on the car’s dashboard, usually on its rear view mirror. It is designed to capture images and sounds while you are driving.  

Most devices run on the vehicle’s power, using a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.

What are the basic specifications to look for when buying a dash cam?

We install a dash cam in our vehicle for a variety of purposes.  Familiarizing ourselves with the basic dash cam’s features guarantees that we are buying the right solution for our needs.

1.  Wide-angle lens

The wider angle, the better.  This gives the driver a broader front view, including the view from the side road.

The best cam should have a 180-degree angle or better.

2.  HD resolution

The resolution is actually the number of pixels in a video or image.  One dot is equivalent to one pixel on the monitor.  

Cameras with higher pixels are capable of capturing more detailed and clearer videos or images.

Recorders with 1080 pixels capture HD resolution videos.

3.  Video Storage

Most dash cameras rely on SD cards to save videos and images.  This storage format makes footage review easy.  All you need to do is remove the SD card and run it on a PC.

4.  Night vision

An accident happens at any time of the day.  Camera with night vision capability will ensure that even when the vehicle is in a dark surrounding, it can still capture a good and quality footage.

5.  G-sensor with Emergency Recording

Dash cameras have functionality that detects accidents.  Devices with a G-sensor system will turn on automatically when an impact is detected, especially during a collision.

It will record the scenario and will save the video in a separate folder to prevent it from being erased or overwritten.

6.  Parking Mode

While in a limited parking space, dashboard cameras will automatically record when it detects a jolt.  This is vital when you want to know who bumped your car or stole your personal belongings inside the vehicle.

7.  Loop Recording

Loop recording guarantees continuous recording of events even if the SD card is already full.

Likewise, it saves the footage in a manageable segment which makes it easy to download or transfer the file.

8.  Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) – is a built-in mechanism that monitors your car’s speed and the vehicle in front of you.  When you are too close to the other vehicle, the system will warn you of an impending collision. 
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) – warns the driver if the vehicle goes outside of its designated lane.
  • Back-up Camera Line Guide (BCLG) – is a set of colored lines shown on the rear camera screen which guides the  driver to reverse the vehicle properly and avoid unnecessary bumps.

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Why do you need to install a dashcam?

Dash cameras serve a variety of purposes.  The recordings can provide fool-proof evidence for an insurance claim or it can be used to identify culprits of a crime involving your car or others.

1.  Evidence of a road mishap

Dash cameras are the strongest evidence that you can provide to prove your innocence or guilt in a traffic accident.  

2.  Car insurance claim

Depending on your insurance type, some insurers require you to submit footages of the car crash incident.  

In other countries such as the Philippines, however, most insurance companies rely on the Police Incident Report to establish the insured’s innocence or guilt.

3.  Prevent road accident

Devices with ADAS feature is a great help for drivers. The system signals when there is an impending collision between your vehicle and the one in front of you or warns when you go out of your designated lane.

4.  Prevent parking accident

Dash cameras with G-sensor capability automatically record an event when it detects an impact to your car.  You can identify who bumped your car immediately.

Or, when other drivers see your car equipped with dash cameras, they tend to be extra careful in maneuvering their vehicle to the designated parking slot.

5.  Prevent vandalism

When your car is parked in public places or in areas that are not well-lighted, you run the risk of strangers trying to break into your car or vandals who may find happiness seeing your car with scratches.  

With the device in place, these crimes are recorded so that the culprit may be apprehended.

6.  Records road trips and other interesting road scenes

A dash camera is very useful if you are fond of road trips with your family.  Now, you can see the most memorable journey you have over and over again.

Sometimes, unforgettable events happen on the road.  Your vehicle’s camera can help you record interesting scenes, like animals crossing the street or a stunning image of a magnificent rainbow over a green ricefield.  

Who knows, you might be another online sensation when you post images or videos like those on the internet.

7.  Peace of mind

Installing a car video recorder gives us peace of mind, knowing that our cars are safe and secure whether on the road or in the parking lot.

So, what is the best dash camera for 2020?

There is a wide array of car recorders in the market – from the units with the basic functions to the most sophisticated ones with HD videos and driver assistance systems.

The best dash cameras for 2020 is actually your choice, depending on your needs and budget.

Start shopping now for the one that will give the safety and security that you and your car need.  

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  9. This is so time as I am looking forward to having a car again. God-willing. Thanks for all the tips. I am clueless on such things.

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