first time filing taxes Philippines

Tips and Reminders for First-Time Tax Filers in the Philippines

First time filing taxes Philippines / New to tax filing in the PH? We break down exactly what you need to know before submitting your first return.

Filing taxes for the first time in the Philippines can seem daunting. However, being prepared with the right documents and following some basic steps can make the process straightforward for your first tax return. Here are some key tips and reminders for first-time income tax filers in the Philippines:

first time filing taxes Philippines

Gather the Necessary Documents

As a new tax filer, you need to have certain documents ready to complete the process. Some key documents required include:

  • Proof of Identification – Passport, Driver’s License, SSS/GSIS ID, etc.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • BIR Form 1700 for individuals earning income from one source
  • BIR Form 1701 for those with income from multiple sources
  • Proof of income – Form 2316 from employers, receipts, bank records etc.

Know the Income Thresholds

Filing a tax return in the Philippines is mandatory if you meet the income filing requirements set by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), even if you do not end up owing any tax. For individual taxpayers, you are obligated to pay  taxes  if your income exceeds certain thresholds, such as:

  • Earning over Php 250,000 in gross income from a single source
  • Having over Php 3 million pesos in gross sales/receipts if self-employed

You cannot avoid filing just because your calculations show you do not owe any tax. The filing requirements apply whether you have an actual tax due or not.

Understand the Deadlines

There are set deadlines for filing and paying income taxes:

  • April 15 deadline for filing annual income tax return covering the previous year’s income
  • April 15 deadline for paying any tax owed for previous year
  • Quarterly deadlines for business taxes

Mark your calendar with the key dates and make sure to file to avoid penalities and surcharge.

Know Where to File/Pay

There are a few options for where to submit your documents and payments:

  • eFPS/online payment/authorized agent banks and other e-wallets for settling any tax due
  • eBIRForms for electronic filing
  • Over-the-counter at RDO with jurisdiction over your residence

Choose the right channel to avoid processing issues.

Don’t Forget Required Tax Payments

Aside from income tax, you may need to pay other taxes like withholding tax, percentage tax, etc. Calculate all tax obligations so you can pay in full by the deadlines.

Being prepared for your first income tax filing makes the process simpler.  and resources to educate yourself and avoid rookie mistakes.

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    You have some helpful tips here. I remember filing for the first time and I had no clue what I was doing.

    1. Hi Amber. If you need help, just DM me.

  2. Taxes can be overwhelming but this will help people. Why pay someone to do your taxes when you can do them yourself?

    1. Hi Tara. Exactly, there are youtube videos and reels which will help you with your tax compliance.

  3. I’m not exactly looking forward to doing my taxes again this year. I didn’t get much back but this year I don’t have a full year of self employment income like previous years. I’m hoping to get a little back so I can have a savings account again.

  4. Nikki Wayne says:

    This is very nice and informative information to share in the social media. People should really read this.

  5. Rose Ann Sales says:

    This is very important to those people who are paying, or planning to do it in Philippines, because tax is very big topic when it comes in that country.

  6. Gathering the necessary documents and understanding the income thresholds are key, and I appreciate the reminder about the deadlines.

  7. I agree that it makes it so much easier if you have all of your documents on hand before you file your taxes.

    1. Yes, you must have all documents needed for to be able to determine your income from which your taxes are based.

  8. There are sometimes places that will have volunteer accountants that are willing to help on appointment and sometimes by walk-in depending on how busy they end up being.

    1. Yes, in the PH for example, we have online groups that would cater to your inquiries.

  9. these tips and reminders are useful for tax filers universally and also for those experienced in doing it.. having a list of such tips handy ensures the process is smooth

  10. It is good to have some ideas for filing taxes. Our taxes have gotten complicated, so we now use a tax company.

    1. Hiring a third party company to do your taxes is the best decision.

  11. LisaLisa says:

    Ugh! I’m dreading doing taxes it can be exhausting and overwhelming at times. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    1. I am glad you pick something from this article. Thanks.

  12. I don’t know too much about tax so this is helpful

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