ShopeePay Phillippines / How to Transfer Cash from PayMaya to ShopeePay E-Wallet for Free

Nowadays, most banks, including e-wallets companies, impose convenience or transaction fees on their online users. 

If you are the type who wants to save a few pesos for your digital transactions, I have found a way to avoid the service charge for a fund transfer to your ShopeePay Philippines e-wallet.

While the amount involved may seem immaterial, this is still a saving, given the economic difficulties we are in because of the pandemic.

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How to Transfer Cash from PayMaya to ShopeePay Philippines for Free

ShopeePay philippines

A.  Open your ShopeePay Philippines account

1. Click Cash In;

2. Click Payment Center/ e-Wallet > Confirm;

3. ShopeePay will direct you to the list of accredited payment partners. Select ECpay and hit Confirm;

4. Input the desired amount for transfer and tick Pay Now;

5. Check if your email address, fund transfer amount, and Payment Method are correct, as displayed in the email verification window. If all information is accurate, click Pay; 

6. The system will show the Payment Instructions with the QR Code;

B.  Access your PayMaya account

ShopeePay Philippines

7. Click Pay Bills;

8. Select Payment Solutions > Shopee;

9. Fill out the required data

      •  Account No. – refers to the Reference Number on the Payment Instruction
      •  Amount – based on your Shopeepay fund transfer amount
      •  Mobile No. 
      •  Click CONTINUE

10. Wait for the confirmation of your successful payment to ShopeePay Philippines e-. Check if PayaMaya deducted your wallet of the cash transfer;

11. Check your ShopeePay account balance. The fund transfer should be credited in real-time.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to transfer cash for free, you are more empowered to manage your cash flow efficiently. Remember, those small savings could buy more household essentials and food items for you when those are accumulated.

With the 5.15 Payday Sale around the corner, it is time to load your ShopeePay wallet from your PayaMaya (now Maya) funds for free. Enjoy big discounts and free shipping when you check out during the 5.15 PayDay Sale.  Visit Shopee here:

Happy Shopee-ing!

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  1. I really love how convenient this service is, I am on board with Shopeepay, it is awesome…

  2. Too bad it’s only for the Philippines, would it be interesting if it expands elsewhere or is it already there?

  3. Yes, the amounts may be small, but if you do this often that really adds up over time!

  4. This sounds like a great app. It makes life so much easier and less expensive. No one likes fees!

  5. Interesting! Good to know if you work with shopeepay!

  6. Anything that helps save fees like this is a good idea! It’s easy to get caught in the trap where you use things like this and aren’t even aware of how much it costs you.

  7. Shopee is pretty amazing! I love the app and I really appreciate your effort to tell us more about it all the time

  8. Such a helpful guide. I always use Shopee plus I have Paymaya so this might come handy someday.

  9. This is interesting, it will help people in there to create an account. Thank you for this guide!

  10. This is helpful. I am often having issues transferring from GCASH so, it is good to know that we can do it as well with Paymaya.

  11. I appreciate the good job Shoppee has been trying. This is very convenient and I love that’s free now. I will have fun shopping

  12. Even little, a savings is still a savings. I am glad that you found a way to avoid those unnecessary fees. I also love that you added detailed steps for an easy peasy process!


    1. I transferred money from paymaya to shopeepay yesterday but until now it was not yet credited to my account but it was already deducted in my maya account..Is there anybody have experienced this?

      1. You should ensure that the account number you key-in for your ShopeePay account is your mobile number. Otherwise, ask help from Maya help desk. I think they do have a 24/7 Chat support. I Hope this helps. Keep us updated. Thank you.

  13. Ooohhhh….alright then. Thank you for sharing your guide!

  14. A really helpful post with the step-by-step explanation. For those who use this system, it’s awesomely helpful.

  15. This is awesome, the service is great and very convenient, I love it.

  16. Shopeepay sounds like an amazing service. I love the ease of it!

  17. Rosey says:

    I didn’t know you could transfer cash this way. This is useful info. to me.

  18. What an important guide as it can be hard and you could lose a lot of money if transfers don’t go right.

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