BIR Transfer of RDO Online

Transferring your business registration from one Revenue District Office (RDO) to another is easy. The process involves filling out an application form and paying the required fees.


Are you a registered taxpayer who needs to update your tax registration data? Maybe you want to change RDO because you are now working from a different location?

If so, you need to fill-up BIR Form 1905. Updating a taxpayer’s information is vital because it allows the BIR who has jurisdiction over your business to track the filing and payment of your taxes.


What is the nature and purpose of BIR Form 1905?

BIR 1905 is the form used to update, correct, or cancel a taxpayer’s registration data. This is filled up and submitted to the RDO, having jurisdiction over the taxpayer every time he changes his registration details.

The following changes in the taxpayer’s registration information would require the submission of properly filled-out BIR 1905:

  1. Transfer of the business address within the RDO or with another RDO
  2. Change in business or business name
  3. Closure of business
  4. Replacement of lost TIN card or Certificate of Registration
  5. Change in the accounting cycle

BIR Transfer of RDO Online / How to Transfer your address or Change RDO?

The BIR 1905 is an important document that is filled up accurately. Anything you filled up on the blank spaces of the form is already part of the BIR database.

  1. Download the BIR form from the BIR website.
  2. Fill up the form.
  3. Check your previous and current RDO and their email addresses from the BIR website here.
  4. Scan the BIR form and send it via email to your previous RDO’s email address
  5. Wait for 3-5 working days for the RDO’s reply; make a follow-up email if there was no reply after five working days.
  6. If processing is ongoing, the previous RDO will ask for a valid ID. Scan the ID and send it via email.
  7. Wait for the final email of the previous RDO for the result of your application and instruction.
  8. Go to the new RDO and ask for a copy of the Certificate of Change in RDO. Pay 130 pesos for Certification Fee and documentary stamp

Final Thoughts

Updating your BIR registration data is now simple and easy when you know how it is done and where to get the needed information.

Remember to fill up the form accurately, as this will form part of the BIR database. Your details will serve as the basis for monitoring your tax compliance.

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  1. Louella Iyog says:

    How can I transfer my RDO? The old one was processed by my employer and I just resigned recently.

    1. Hi. Thank you for your question. If you are no longer working, then there is no need to transfer your RDO because there is no need for you to pay taxes. If you have a business and want to transfer RDO, you just have to follow the instruction on the article.

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