Driver License Philippiness is now valid for 10 years

Driver License Philippines / LTO now Issues a 10-year Driver’s License

Most of us who drive cars know that renewing our driver’s licenses  to the Land Transportation Office (LTO), in the Philippines is quite a burden. Aside from the LTO’s inefficient queuing system, the online renewal itself appears to be slow.

Now, there is a chance that we can own an extended driver’s license validity period.  If this happens,  we may avoid the inconvenience of having our license renewed within a short period, given the current setup in the government agency.

New Validity Period of Driver License Philippines

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that they will roll out the 10-year validity driver’s license to motorists without traffic violations starting October 28, 2021.

The implementation of the new renewal scheme was in compliance with the Republic Act 10930. This is an act rationalizing   and strengthening the policy regarding driver’s license by extending the validity period of driver’s license.  Additionally, the recent law also serves as penalizing acts in violation of its issuance and application.

The LTO will start accepting driver’s renewal applications in the Central Office -Licensing Section and the Quezon City Licensing Center.

Other LTO offices within the National Capital Region (NCR) will soon follow by November 3, 2021, while those outside the NCR are advised to wait for the announcement from the LTO.

Driver license Philippines

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Important Provisions of Republic Act 10930

The following provisions are very important when processing our driver’s license:

  1. Drivers may apply for a 10-year driver’s license if he has no traffic violation record, and a 5-year driver’s license remains for traffic violators;
  2. New and old applicants will have to take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE).  The should pass the exam to get the CDE Certificate. This FREE training is available on the LTO Portal,   LTO Offices, and from any LTO-accredited driving schools.
  3. LTO shall create a point system to assess the fitness and eligibility of driver applicants for their desired license transactions.

Final Thoughts

Republic Act 10930 is a game-changer. All of us wanted a driver license Philippines with an extended validity period. The government heeds our call.  All we need to do is comply with the additional requirements, like observing road safety and proper courtesy to our fellow motorists.

So, let us be good on the road by driving safely.

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