CENECO Gcash Payment / Step-by-step Guide

Tired of long queues in bayad centers during payment deadlines? No bank account to use for Ceneco online payment?

Now, there is the fastest and easiest way to pay your CENECO bills without going outside your homes – Online Fund Transfer using a Gcash account.

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Source: CENECO – Central Negros Cooperative, Inc. Facebook Page

Here’s how to use the CENECO Gcash Payment Facility:

  1. Log in to your Gcash account;
  2. Click ‘SEND MONEY”;  
  4. Select and click any of the following CENECO bank accounts:
    • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
    • Banco de Oro (BDO)
    • East-West Bank (EWB)
  1. Fill in the data required for your preferred CENECO bank account:
    • Key in the total amount of your bill
    • Account Name: CENECO, Inc.
    • Account Number:

RCBC – 1419300809

BDO – 002970000470

EWB – 200021974926

    • Indicate your active email address to which Gcash online payment system will send your receipt.
  1. Send a screenshot of your confirmed fund transfer transaction to Include the following payment details:
    • Account Number
    • Account Name
    • Billing Month
    • Bill Amount
    • Payment Date
    • CENECO bank account used to pay the bill

Importance of email submission

Members are required to email the payment confirmation and details for the payment to be valid and for your account to be updated reflecting the transaction made.

Moreover, CENECO subscribers are encouraged to keep a copy of fund transfer confirmation for future reference.

Other CENECO Online Payment Facilities

  1. Bank account holders are encouraged to use their bank’s online fund transfer system via  PesoNet or InstaPay in paying their CENECO bills;
  2. Paymaya users may use the app to settle their CENECO bills.

Final Thoughts

CENECO’s online payment facility using Gcash is indeed convenient and hassle-free. You can pay your CENECO bills anytime and anywhere.

A mobile phone and available Gcash funds are all it takes to pay CENECO bills on time. That means we avoid paying interest for late payments and power outages.

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  1. jennifer basay says:

    thankyou for this online ways/method of
    payment on CENECO electrict bills. this online payment was made some part of our life easy, also no more hassle for us to pay our CENECO,bills..

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Indeed, online payment make our errands safe and convenient.

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