Hi. I am RAMIL P. HINOLAN, the man behind this website. While managing our small cafe shop business, I dabble as a blogger.  I am self-proclaim wanderer and food lover who goes crazy about eat-all-you-can meals, shopping discounts, and documentary films.
My tagline “Life is a daring adventure” captures the real essence of my life’s mantra.  I believe that we should do the things that make us happy even going against the tide to taste what life is like at the other side.
In this blog, you will read about our  travels, food finds, smart living and loving and anything in between.


  •  I am a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines and an alumnus of the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City.
  • I am an ex-banker who is now managing a small cafe business in my hometown, Talisay City, Negros Occidental.
  • I am a husband to a beautiful wife and a Dad to three lovely grown-up daughters.
  • I wear so many hats these days. I am a cook, accountant, blogger, husband, father, and furdad.
  • Currently, my plate is full – literally and figuratively. I am into our cafe business, writing so many things, and learning online skills.
  • Black coffee is life.
  • Cloud and Sky, a Beagle, and Labrador are the apples of our eyes.


  • I started this blog during the last quarter of 2018 when I had nothing else to do after my corporate job.
  • It was initially planned to be an online diary about anything and everything under the sun, without any niche in mind. I do not know anything about blogging, then.
  • My blogging community and kind-hearted online friends helped me revamp my blog to what it is now. 
  • Aside from travels and food discoveries, this blog features anything about business, pets, and helpful tips about living and loving. 

I am willing to help advertisers grow their businesses. Please click this link to connect with me. You may also message any of my social media accounts for future projects.