3 ACE Hardware Products that Are Worth Buying on Shopeeโ€™s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Looking to buy essentials and equipment for your home? Ace Hardware has got you covered with up to 50% off deals only on Shopeeโ€™s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale! Ace Hardware is our go-to place for almost everything related to home improvement. From paint and lighting to a bathroom fixture, this every handymanโ€™s ally has everything I โ€ฆ

Drivers License Philippines

Drivers License Philippines / How to Get the 10 years Valid Driverโ€™s License

Motorists are confused about the new LTO guidelines on drivers license Philippines renewal. If you are one of those who seems to be in limbo, this post is for you. I will answer some of your questions to get a new drivers license quickly and conveniently. Who are qualified to get the 10 years valid โ€ฆ

Comprehensive Driver Education

Comprehensive Driver Education / How to Be Certified

Starting October 28, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will require driver-applicants to present a Comprehensive Driver Education Certificate before processing their licenses. The latest LTO requirement complies with Republic Act 11093.ย  The new law mandates the transportation office to issue driverโ€™s licenses only to deserving applicants with sufficient driving skills, road safety knowledge, and proper โ€ฆ

Driver License Philippiness is now valid for 10 years

Driver License Philippines / LTO now Issues a 10-year Driverโ€™s License

Most of us who drive cars know that renewing our driverโ€™s licensesย  to the Land Transportation Office (LTO), in the Philippines is quite a burden. Aside from the LTOโ€™s inefficient queuing system, the online renewal itself appears to be slow. Now, there is a chance that we can own an extended driverโ€™s license validity period.ย  โ€ฆ

Traveling in Comfort and Style with the 2021 Nissan Terra

I am excited hitting the street with the latest Nissan SUV, the Nissan Terra.ย  So, when I had the opportunity to drive it, I did not look back again. Ten months after and one vehicular accident, here are my takeaways about this off-road master. Related Post:ย ย Our Car Was Hit by a Rushing Ambulanceย  ย  ย  โ€ฆ

LOOK: Shopโ€™s Mechanic Uses Ownerโ€™s TOYOTA SUV to Buy Spare Parts

This is a warning to all car owners: NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR UNDER REPAIR TO YOUR CARโ€™S AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER (CASA). ย  On August 24, 2020, Tey Usis posted on his Facebook account, his experience bringing his Toyota Prado for repair to the Toyota Dasmariรฑas Cavite. ย  Usis wrote that he brought the vehicle for โ€ฆ

Our Car was Hit by a Rushing Ambulance / Why it is Important to Get a Car Insurance

That was a bad day. After almost 8 months since we got our 2020 Nissan Terra, the car was hit by a rushing ambulance.ย  We were driving leisurely taking Lacson Street, in Bacolod City, Philippines, after bringing our youngest daughter to work when suddenly I heard a sound. I pulled over and got out immediately.ย  โ€ฆ