Traveling in Comfort and Style with the 2021 Nissan Terra

I am excited hitting the street with the latest Nissan SUV, the Nissan Terra.  So, when I had the opportunity to drive it, I did not look back again.

Ten months after and one vehicular accident, here are my takeaways about this off-road master.

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First Impression

The vehicle is huge. I’d like the chromed grille and door handles. They look extra superior with its glossy appearance. 


The extra-large tires also caught my attention. It lifted the vehicle more, making it formidable when viewed from the front side.


Terra’s Interior


Taking the driver’s seat, you will immediately notice the familiar layout of the dashboard and center console.


But the high-tech mini entertainment system in front of you will catch your fancy.




It has a DVD/CD and USB media playback capability, a bluetooth mode, and a phone link. 


While traveling, you can play your favorite songs, make phone calls, or do the same as if you don’t leave your home.


There are many outlets around, even on the vehicle’s rear portion. You can plug-in any devices like your phone, in case you want to charge its battery or any gaming gadgets.


The space is impressive. There are decent headroom and legroom for the front seats and second-row seats, while the third row is designed with the kids in mind.   


The cushions were placed very low, so if you are tall, sitting on the third row is not ideal. 


I also like the vehicle’s push-button function to pull up the second-row seat. Accessing the third row is easier.


Family Travel


We had not traveled far since the pandemic started. The farthest one was in Mag-aso Falls in Kabankalan City. It was a 3-hour ride from Bacolod City to Brgy. Oringan, Kabankalan, the place where the famous falls are located.


It was a comfortable ride. We appreciated the wide legroom. Since we were seated for a long time, we did not feel any discomfort.


The kids slept during the entire trip in the afternoon. It helped that the vehicle has nice and soft cushion, they did not feel the bumpy turns and steep road.


The airconditioning system did not fail us. We had the coolest travel experience.


The Verdict


The Nissa Terra was spacious, making it an ideal family vehicle. It is best for long-distance travel or city travel with frequent traffic jams.


But, one thing I noticed is the loud vibration noise when you start the engine. I guess it is something that Nissan should look into in the future.


But save for this one minor issue, it is time to go to an off-road travel adventure.


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  1. That is a nice car. This is a car that I need to check out for my family

  2. Nice, this looks like a fabulous vehicle. I know it would work well for us. I like all the space.

  3. My brother in law was something like this for family. I will share it with him!

  4. I am so glad to see that Nissan thought about all the possible requirements for a family car. I like the fact that there is a lot of space and many electrical outlets.

  5. The Nissan Terra looks like my kind of style. I also trust the Nissan brand, it’s so reliable.

  6. I like how spacious it is..A very good choice for a family of 5 like ours!

  7. oh wow!!! The car is perfect for camping! I love Nissan, such a good brand.

  8. I'm used to my Prius being super quiet. I'll look at the Terra next time I visit my local Nissan dealer.

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