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How to check your Demerit Points  in LTO Demerit System

Be good on the road and get a ten-year valid Philippine Driver’s License on your next renewal.

LTO Demerit System / I recently renewed my Driver’s License (DL). I am happy to have been given a 10-year valid Driver’s License by LTO.

Now, I have more time before I can visit the LTO again. I also saved a few bucks from the current renewal fee compared to having it renewed every three years, which is the previous DL validity period.

How does the LTO Demerit System work?

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) introduced the demerit system, given the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act (R. A.) No. 10930.

The demerit system is simple – for every traffic violation you have committed, a demerit point is charged to you. R. A. 10930 identified three categories of traffic violations with corresponding demerit points.

Degree of Violation Demerit Point/s
Grave 5
Less Grave 3
Other Violations not Classified Above 1

Please access the IRR_RA10930 for the details of traffic violations classified under each category.

How to check your demerit points on LTO Demerit System online?

Don’t expect that you will be given a 10-year valid DL automatically. You have to follow LTO requirements. One is to have clean LTO records from your DL renewal within the last five years to get the prolonged DL validity.

Let’s check your accumulated demerits by following these steps:

  1. Access the LTO’s Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) thru this link.
  1. Click on the “Register Now” button. The second screen will pop up, and you will be asked to accept the Terms of Agreement. You will also enter a Security Code to continue;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      LTO Demerit System
  1. On the next screen, tickmark the appropriate enrollment classification, either “ENROLL AS INDIVIDUAL” or “ENROLL AS A ORGANIZATION”;
  1. Select “Yes” if you have an existing DL or Conductor’s License and encode your DL details;
  1. Follow the rest of the instructions. If you have correctly supplied the data, the system will send an email to your registered email address to verify your identity;
  1. Access the LTMS email in your email address. Click the link to verify and create your password. Take note of your username – LTO Client Number found on the email;
  1. Go back to the LTMS website and log in using your username and password;
  1. On the next screen, click “Violations” to check your demerit points. You may also check your violation history and unsettled violation if there is one.

Congratulations if you have zero demerit points. You can get your 10-year valid DL on your next renewal. Moreover, you should complete the other LTO requirements, such as passing the Comprehensive Driver’s Education Exam and Medical Examination by an accredited LTO doctor.

Final thoughts

The R.A No. 10930 is a game changer. With hours spent renewing a Philippine Driver’s License under the old system, drivers will sigh in relief, knowing they with the LTO demerit system, they can enjoy more time before they can renew their license.

So, it is time to be good on the road. Follow all traffic rules and get a 10-year Driver’s License on your next renewal.

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  1. This is an interesting idea. It sounds like a great way to save a lot of hassle for a long time if you’re a good driver.

  2. Driving safe and avoiding demerits is so important. Very helpful information.

  3. Oh, that’d be so nice and convenient. It would be nice to have something like that here too so I don’t have to renew so often.

  4. We don’t have the Demerit Points in LTO Demerit System in the US. This is all pretty new to me. But, very informative.

  5. Carol Colborn says:

    Wow. What à great system!

  6. Barbie Ritzman says:

    I learned something new today – I had never heard of demerit points before. Although I don’t drive much, it’s good to know.

  7. This is great, it will help people who are looking to check their demerit points. Very informative post!

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