realme 12 Pro+ 5G

realme 12 Pro + 5G combines tech and style in collaboration with local fashion brand Straightforward

realm 12 Pro + 5G:  Master the art of portraits in style and get a chance to win Straightforward merch or a brand new realme 12 Pro+ 5G Tech meets fashion as realme and local lifestyle brand, Straightforward, collaborate to showcase how the performance and design of the realme 12 Series 5G complement the boundless …

credit cards

6 Things You Should Know about Credit Cards for a Good Credit Rating

Credit Cards:  Unlock financial flexibility with your plastic currency! Learn how to maximize credit card uses to maintain a good credit standing. While credit cards serve as a convenient payment method for purchases, they offer additional functionalities that can benefit you financially. Furthermore, there are proactive steps you can take to maintain a favorable credit …

new credit card

What Happens If You Don’t Activate your New Credit Card?

Getting a new credit card can be exciting. It provides a handy financial tool to help manage your money. Credit cards allow you to make purchases or access cash instantly without having to carry around a lot of physical currency. When used responsibly, credit cards are an excellent way to buy what you need without …

retirement planning

Retirement Planning: 5 Crucial Investment Tips for Retirees to Protect Your Nest Egg

Retirement Planning /Protect your nest egg!  Don’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes. Learn how to safeguard your retirement savings with these 5 crucial investment tips. Retirement years should be a time to relax and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of hard work. However, this is also a time when protecting your hard-earned pension is critical. …

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom / Downsizing for Retirement: Simplify Your Space, Amplify Your Joy

Financial Freedom:  Less clutter, more peace! Explore the benefits of downsizing in retirement for a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle. Retirement is often seen as a time to simplify life, to shed the excess, and to focus on what truly matters. One powerful way to do this is through downsizing—reducing the size of your living space …

tax identification number

Do you need a Tax Identification Number (TIN) if you don’t have a job?

Tax Identification Numbers / Unemployed but need a TIN? We break down who exactly needs a Tax ID Number in the Philippines. Many people in the Philippines may wonder if they need to get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) if they don’t currently have a job or source of income. The answer is – it …


HONOR X9b 5G Bagsakan Concert’ headlines Parokya ni Edgar! Here’s How You Can Watch It Live on March 16!

HONOR Philippines is giving away free tickets for this much-awaited event, but you can also watch via Facebook Live: Leading global smart devices provider HONOR Philippines has officially announced its thanksgiving party for the great success of its viral smartphone HONOR X9b 5G. They dropped a smashing line-up with Parokya Ni Edgar as the …

financial mistakes

Top 5 Financial Mistakes People Make

Financial Mistakes:  Don’t let these money mistakes wreck your financial future! Get back on track Personal finances can be complicated, but avoiding these common money mistakes can help you take control of your financial health: 1. Living Beyond Your Means It’s tempting to splurge on material things like clothes, gadgets, and meals out, especially in …

annual registration fees

BIR Stops Collecting Annual Registration Fees

Annual BIR registration fees cease under the Ease of Paying Taxes Act. We explain the specifics that taxpayers and companies in the Philippines should know. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will cease collecting annual registration fees from businesses per Republic Act No. 11976, known as the Ease of Paying Taxes Act. This new law …