Huawei: Attracting world-class talent with world-class challenges

Huawei kicked off its 19th annual Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen. Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Ken Hu said that the company will continue to boost investment in innovation to build new products and enhance and accelerate new technologies. “At Huawei, when we talk about innovation, the first thing we think is people. We hope to attract …


Rev3al: Protecting Artists, Creators, and Owners of Intellectual Properties in the Digital World

Reveal, a blockchain platform that offers complete security solutions for digital assets announced another round of IDO, allowing the general public and crypto community to support the project and reap the resulting benefits. Their next IDO or REV3AL Round 2 will take place this 4th of May, 2022 on spacePad – the launchpad of Coinswap Space. …

Drivers License renewal 2022
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Driver’s License Renewal 2022: New Process, Requirements and Fees

I renewed my Non-Professional Driver’s License recently. And guess what? The Land Transportation Office (LTO) gave me a 10-year valid Driver’s License (DL).  Unfortunately, not everyone can get a DL with a more extended validity period. New DL applicants and those renewing will have to meet certain conditions. 10-year Valid Driver’s License Renewal 2022 Requirements …


ShopeePay Lets you Pay your SSS and Pag-IBIG Fees, Here’s How

So, do you think you can only use ShopeePay for your online purchases? Think again. Now, you can use your ShopeePay wallet to pay for SSS and Pagibig premium contributions or loan payments.  You don’t need to physically go to these government offices, fill out some forms, and queue in a long line to get your …


How to Create an eAFS Account and Upload BIR Documents in eAFS (2022)

The fight to stop the pandemic isn’t over yet.   While most of the alert levels were lowered by the government, we still need to wear masks, avoid mass gatherings, and maintain social distancing. It’s tax season now. With the anticipated volume of taxpayers gathering at their respective Regional District Office (RDO) on the deadline of …


SPayLater / Activate your SPayLater Now and Avail of Amazing Deals at the 4.15 Payday Sale

Are you short of funds, but you need to get that smartphone on Shopee you’d been eyeing for months? With Shopee’s Spaylater you can purchase items without necessarily paying the total price outright. What is SPayLater? SPayLater is Shopee’s innovative feature that allows buyers to buy an item now but pay at a later date or …

Eastern Communications

Eastern Communications, Global Partners Tackle Cybersecurity Trends and Tips for 2022

Cybersecurity is a factor that enterprises must take into consideration as business operations become more dependent on digital. According to a recent survey by multinational cybersecurity solutions provider Fortinet, 73% of the organizations had at least one breach over the past year that can be partially attributed to the lack of enhanced cybersecurity skills. Dedicated …

Lumina Hones

Lumina Homes extends ShopeePay Piso Deals

The heat is spelling summertime, but it keeps on raining P100 discount vouchers at Lumina Homes’ ShopeePay Piso Deals! Extended up to April 30, 2022, Lumina’s favorite vouchers are still up for grabs for only P1 at no minimum spend. Use them for various Lumina Homes transactions nationwide, such as reservation fees, monthly down payment, …


2021 Income Tax Returns:  Deadline, Filing and Payment

As a responsible taxpayer, you should know the deadline for filing an income tax return and the venue of filing and paying. Understanding this essential tax compliance would save you from paying excessive tax penalties and surcharges. When are the deadline for filing the income tax returns and payment of tax due? The Bureau of …

tech-voc Philippine

Tech-Voc Philippines:  Towards Becoming the Tech-Voc Center in Asia

A college diploma is significant for every Filipino household. When your son or a daughter has a college degree, you and your family are highly regarded in society. While others have the means to support their children’s education, others have to make both ends meet. Hence, their kids continue their college education. However, getting a …