Don’t get taken for a ride: 7 things to consider when buying a car

Whether you’re buying brand new or used car, these 7 things are crucial to consider before buying a car. Buying a car is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and make the wrong choice. That’s why it’s important to take …

bdo travel insurance

Stress-Free Travel with BDO’s Comprehensive Travel Insurance Coverage

Don’t let travel stress ruin your adventure. Get #BDOtravelinsurance and enjoy peace of mind on your next trip. #travelsmart #travelprotection As the summer season approaches, many of us are excited to explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to prioritize our health and safety while traveling. …

online banking

Protecting Your Deposits:  How does Banco De Oro keep its Online Banking Secure

Don’t compromise on the safety of your assets. Learn about Banco de Oro’s online banking platform and its advanced security features. As a Banco de Oro (BDO) depositor, I am always concerned about the safety of my deposits. With increased incidents of fraud and hacking activities online, having a reliable and secure online banking system …

fair hiring

JobStreet advocates Fair Hiring to eliminate exploitative recruitment practices

JobStreet’s vision is to improve lives through better careers. Its commitment to Fair Hiring is just one way  they’re working to make that a reality.  Leading online job portal JobStreet intends to enhance its commitment to eradicating unfair hiring practices by cracking down on the exploitation of Filipino workers across the nation. Its parent company, SEEK, is …


BDO To Recognize Content Creators as Champions of Financial Inclusion Advocacy

BDO Unibank is continuing its commitment to financial education and inclusion through the 2nd BDO Buddies Awards. Join now and help promote financial literacy in the country! BDO Unibank will recognize the works of content creators who champion financial education and inclusion through the 2nd BDO Buddies Awards. “We are excited to continue this pioneering initiative …

BIR tax

The Importance of Knowing Your BIR Tax Obligations

Don’t let bir tax penalties catch you by surprise. Stay up to date on your tax obligations with our comprehensive guide on Philippine taxation. Taxation is a crucial aspect of every individual’s financial life, and it’s especially important for Filipinos to stay updated with the latest tax laws and regulations. Let us discuss the importance …


Brittany Sales Excellence Awards – Top Sales Producers Announced

Real Property giant, Brittany Corporation is proud to recognize the breakthrough results achieved by its sales professionals at the Annual Sales Excellence Awards Brittany Corporation recently held the Annual Sales Excellence Awards last February 23, 2023, at Palazzo Verde to recognize the importance of salesmanship, dedication, and the contributions of different sales networks. The awards …

annual revenue

How to Compute Annual Revenue for Digital Creators: A Comprehensive Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions and Expert Tips

Learn how to compute your  annual revenue to optimize business opportunities and  for income tax payment purposes. The rise of digital platforms and social media has created new opportunities for individuals to monetize their creativity and build a career as a digital creator. Digital creators use online platforms to showcase their talent and generate revenue …


JobStreet goes to Bacolod, launches week-long caravan for local hirers and candidates

 Join us and find the perfect fit for your job or career! JobStreet / Leading online job portal JobStreet continues to reshape the next level of recruitment as it lands in the city of smiles, Bacolod, to provide valuable support and opportunities for local hirers and jobseekers through its first-ever “JobStreet Caravan”. The initiative seeks …