Garin Farm

Garin Farm / San Juaquin, Iloilo City: A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth

Garin Farm offers a unique blend of recreation and spirituality that’s sure to appeal to nature lovers. Nestled within its grounds is a working farm producing poultry, milk, and meat, alongside resort amenities like a swimming pool and artificial lake.

One standout feature is Pilgrimage Hill, a place for personal reflection amidst life-sized biblical scenes.

The vine curtain gives shades to visitors as they walked around this sprawling Garin property / Photo by Joarniel John S. Hinolan


Upon entering through a vine-covered passage, we found ourselves immersed in the tranquility of the farm. Despite the heat, the shade from the trees and vines kept us comfortable.

A leisurely 20-minute walk led us to the heart of the property, where we encountered chickens, doves, goats, carabaos, and other farm animals, reminding us of the simple joys of rural life.

The panoramic view of the resort as viewed from the restaurant. It features hotel rooms, swimming pool, lake for fishing and other boat activities as well as zipline for the adventurous guests.


In addition to its agricultural offerings, Garin Farm boasts a stunning resort area with neatly arranged hotel rooms overlooking the pool and lake. While we only visited for the day, the resort offers various activities like zip-lining, ATV rides, night swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

We savored a delicious lunch at the resort restaurant, featuring farm-fresh delights like goat milk and chicken empanadas, with souvenirs available for purchase.

You have to climb its 500-steps to be able to go to the summit

Pilgrimage Hill

The highlight of our visit was Pilgrimage Hill, a must-see attraction adorned with a symbolic white cross. Climbing its 500 steps, we were transported through vivid recreations of biblical events, feeling the emotions depicted in the life-sized scenes.

At the summit, we entered the Divine Mercy Dark Meditation Tunnel, symbolizing life’s journey. Emerging into a serene white space, we contemplated the idea of heaven, surrounded by angelic figures and souls at peace. Obviously, this is a glimpse of heaven and the figures were souls now enjoying their life in heaven.

NOah’s Ark features life-sized representations of biblical characters and animals.

Garin Farm:  Relaxation and Personal Reflection

Our time at Garin Farm provided not only physical relaxation but also a chance for spiritual reflection. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, we rediscovered the beauty in simple moments, from the clucking of hens to the graceful flight of birds.

Have you explored similar destinations? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Iloilo is one on my list to visit here in the Philippines saka gustu ko pumunta dyan sa may heaven on earth. Awesome photos!

  2. What a beautiful grain-form at Pilgrimage Hill, article is very informative and photos are very beautiful.

  3. I will definitely gonna visit with my family.

  4. The place looks amazing…How i need to go there and spend a few days…Soon I hope.

  5. What a wonderful place to explore!! I would love to wander around there… When we are allowed to again!

  6. Rose Ann Sales says:

    The place looks so great,it's perfect now that Holy week is coming. So sad,vacations and Bisita Iglesia can't happen because of the quarantine.

  7. Ha..ha.. yes. if not for quarantine, this is the best time to visit because of the Holy week.

  8. Thank your for appreciating my photos. This is from the Philippines and we welcome you to this place.

  9. Yes. This is the best time to go here. as a holy week retreat.

  10. Yes, Gigi. I hope you will find time to visit the Philippines and enjoy our hospitality b=and the many tourist destination we have.

  11. I hope to see you someday in the Philippines.

  12. Wow , that sounds great. Travelling with family is the best.

  13. Very interesting place. Curious to visit it.

  14. IIoilo looks so lovely. I have some friends from Philippines. Hopefully, one day i will visit there

  15. Beautiful happy memories!

  16. This place looks really interesting. My parents loving visiting places like the Pilgrimage here. They've gone to so many of them here in the states. I'll definitely let them know about it if they ever visit the Phillipines. Thanks for posting!

  17. This is an awesome place to explore. Nice

  18. This is a place to visit so beautiful. This is nice I must say

  19. Hi. Its great knowing that you have friends here.

  20. Yes. It is very relaxing here, especially if you are in the countryside.

  21. So nice to know that. Where exactly in the Philippines do live or you have relatives?

  22. Hope to see you soon in the PHilippines

  23. Hope to see you soon in the Philippines

  24. I've been to a working trip in Iloilo once but I didn't get a chance to explore. This looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  25. This is very interesting with all the animals statues standing and people. It makes it more of an amazing attraction for travelers.

  26. What a stunning and interesting place to visit. Iloilo seems incredible how long would you recommend someone stay to see everything.

  27. Looks like a great place to explore. Due to country lockdown we are not going anywhere this place looks quiet amazing I would love to visit this place

  28. The place looks very good and nice pictures!

  29. I think this is one of the best place to visit in the Philippines, it's really beautiful and it feel so relaxing to be there.

  30. I haven't been to Iloilo yet but it sure is a nice place to visit. Overall, I miss my home country Philippines. It has been a while since the last time I visited.

  31. I have been to Aklan and it’s such a shame that I haven’t been to Iloilo. The farm looks relaxing and peaceful and it’s a perfect destination for this coming Holy Week.

    1. Aww. There are many places to visit in Iloilo. You should schedule one in the future. Happy travel.

  32. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    What an interesting spot to find with such a unique mix of working form and a resort too. And fun to know that the resort offered so many fun activities. Having lived on a farm at one time, I don’t recall it being a relaxing environment but then we were working the farm. A visit might be different.

    1. Hi Linda. I guess so. A farm, a resort and a pilgrimage site. . I think you will like it here.

  33. What a beautiful place to take a calm and relaxing walk with family! The tunnel sounds so serene, no wonder it’s associated with heaven. I’d love to go sometime.

    1. Hi Alice. The place is relaxing and you won’t regret trying all the food offerings in the restaurant.

  34. Wow this far, resort and spiritual retreat sounds fantastic and the perfect place to have some quiet down time and relaxation. Also how cool is the Ark and the animals? I love the farm as well, this just looks so peaceful
    Laura Side Street x

    1. Yes, Laura. When we are all busy with city life, its always nice to take back and be with nature. You’ll surely love it here.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I love how Garin Farm reflects on Biblical times and stories. The ark looks particularly interesting, and it really seems to bring the stories to life. The 500 steps seem like a lot, but I guess you can take it at a slow pace. What a fun place Garin Farm is!

    1. Indeed. It was fun. The food is great as well.

  36. Wow! We have never been to Garin Farm but after reading your post, will surely visit next time we are in Iloilo. It’s nice to know that they have hotel rooms in resort and there are many activities available. I would love to try their zipline and ATV.

  37. Maria Veloso says:

    I can just imagine the feel of seeing all those farm animals. With the modern times we have, this is one of the things that we do miss. I appreciate the concept of the Divine Mercy Dark Meditation Tunnel. Yes, I agree it’s symbolic of how we go through life’s difficult times. I’ve not explored a similar destination, but I’ve gone through hundreds of steps towards a worship place.

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