UNIQLO U Spring/Summer 2021: Quality and Comfort in Sophisticated Contemporary Styling

Future LifeWear essentials, designed with the highest precision and in pursuit of a simplified, modern wardrobe. 

Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire and his team in Paris reimagine everyday clothing using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes. 

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection is the 10th collaboration between Christophe and UNIQLO, representing an evolution by pairing subtlety and comfort with the Uniqlo U signature neutral tones and classic looks. 

New this season is a refreshing contrast between black and white with clean, cosmopolitan styling. Setups with the same fabrics and denim-on-denim, and off-white layered styling keep wearers looking and feeling relaxed under the bright sunlight of this time of the year. 

Classic shirts and dresses employ elegantly lustrous, sheer fabrics for a more refined look. Debuting this season is a kid’s collection that retains the Uniqlo U ethos in perfected designs. 

Paris R&D Center The research and development facility in Paris is a place for experimentation, a space to try, innovate and create. The Paris R&D Center complements counterparts in Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, and Los Angeles. The world-class designers and pattern makers in the Paris design team are contributing significantly to the ongoing evolution of LifeWear through their advances with Uniqlo U.

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  1. Those clothes in the picture look really comfortable and I love black and white. That is my favorite clothing combination of all time. I will have to take a look!

  2. Nkem says:

    Nice post! I love Uniqlo too!

  3. Nice theme on fashion designing. Thanks for sharing about Uniqlo u.

  4. My wife and I love to buy items at Uniqlo. They are stylish, affordable, and they last long.

  5. Denim on Denim sounds like my kinda fashion, I am sure the collection is great

  6. aisasami says:

    I always wear Uniqlo as it is the only brand that fits me here in Japan (An American in Japan equals hard to find clothing). I really love their designs and their pants, especially their flowing skirt pants.

  7. That's awesome knowing about new fashion design. Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Everyone loves uniqlo. Their clothes are high quality.

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