6 Fast and Convenient Ways of Paying BIR Taxes

Skip the long lines and throw those tax forms when filing and paying your taxes. 

The Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) new electronic payment system accepts tax returns’ online filing and payment.


You can pay your tax due through any of the Authorized Agent Banks’ (AABs) internet banking system and other payment centers authorized by BIR to receive tax payment.


So, check out which among the following electronic payment options are available to you and enjoy the convenience of complying with your tax requirements using one of the online platforms.

BIR Epayment Channels


Check out these different online gateways that you can choose to pay your taxes. 

These channels are safe and convenient. You may even transact 24/7.  


  1. AABs’ Internet Banking System 

Click the link to know the list of authorized agent banks in your area: List of Authorized Agent Banks

Only eFPS filers are allowed to use this option.

Link:  How to Pay Taxes Using the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS)


  1. Landbank (thru portal) 

Link: How to Pay Taxes Using the Landbank’s Portal


  1. DBP PayTax Online 

Link: How to Pay BIR Taxes Using the DBP Paytax Online


  1. Union Bank 

Link: How to Pay BIR Taxes Using the UnionBank Online


  1. Gcash 

Link: How to Pay your Taxes Using Gcash


  1. Paymaya 

Link: How to Pay BIR Taxes Using PaymayaMobile App



Final Thoughts


As far as government services are concerned, we are now embracing the era of digital technology. We are slowly rising as the Sleeping Tiger of  ASIA again.


And our national tax collection agency is going in that direction. With BIR’s new tax filing and payment system, taxpayers may devote more time and energy to doing more productive nation-building tasks.

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