Lyra Burkini Swimwear: Fashionable without Compromising Comfort and Practicality

Burkini is a foreign term for someone like me who is a Filipino and not used to women strutting on the swimming pool all covered up, except the face, feet, and head.

But when I read about Lyra Burkini Swimwear, I appreciate how the brand understands the plight of women who are not used, or their customs or beliefs prevented them from exposing their bodies in public.

The Lyra Swimwear Brand

Lyra Burkini Swimwear was made out of a woman’s struggle to find the perfect swimwear that suits her personality. She has a good fashion sense, but she dresses modestly. She also loves the outdoors, swimming, and keeping fit. But finding the best outfit for her lifestyle is difficult.

She resorted to DIY get-ups when going to the pool. She resolved to create her burkini line to showcase her beliefs and lifestyle. The Lyra brand was created, taking on the cue to what women prefer and inspirations from her fashion sense.

Since its launch years ago, Lyra designs have graced the London Modest Festival. The brand is looking forward to creating more stylish and adaptable activewear for women from all walks of life.

Swimwear for all Women

The Lyra swimwear undergoes a complex nine-month process to design and produce. So, women are assured that each swimwear undergoes rigorous craftsmanship to create premium and quality products.

Here are some of the swimwear lines available on the website:

1. Premium Modest Swimwear


2. Latest Designs

3. Swim Accessories


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Final thoughts

The Lyra brand recognizes that women come in all shapes and sizes. They have different tastes when it comes to fashion.

Mindful about the unique taste of every woman in the world, the Lyra swimwear line continues to create bathing suits that make each woman confident about themselves, whether inside or outside the pool.

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  1. Those are beautiful! I love the coverage while still staying so stylish.

  2. I like that they vary the type of swimwear they offer. They have options that are more modest, and less modest, which is good.

  3. I love their swimwear. It’s perfect for women who love the beach yet still want to practice modesty.

  4. I finally find the swimwear that suits my liking. I love going to the beach but I also don’t want to get a tan so much. I am sharing this with friends too.

  5. I’m in awe of these swimwears! Comfy yet fashionable 🙂

  6. What gorgeously stylish modest swimwear. Great to have such fashionable styles which also deliver in both practicality and comfort.

  7. I am loving all of those swimwear designs and it includes different designs, colors, types, and practicality.

  8. I actually love these! They’re beautiful, respectful and so stylish!

  9. Summer is all around the corner and thankfully everything is starting to go back to normal. I am thinking of traveling somewhere with a good beach and now I am thinking to buy some of these too. Loved how they innovate the designs!

  10. These are absolutely beautiful and fashionable. I also can appreciate the fact that this company recognizes and provide something beautiful for women that don’t wear the typical bathing suit

  11. These look good and the dark blue and red look so cool.

  12. I love that they have modest swimwear. Plus those styles still look great!

  13. Hhhhmmm…this is a very nice piece, Lyra! It is stylish, light as possible for the water and still within the confines of the Muslim faith!

  14. Mijia Eggers says:

    They look nice with a lot of design features. They are really fashionable and believe they are comfortable as well.

  15. I thought the design is something else with the word burkini. But the reality is truly impressive.

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