My 2019 Wishlist

As we ushered 2019, let me share with you my personal wishlists based on various experiences I had in 2018 and even in the past years.  I may not guarantee that I will achieve all but with the help of my family, friends, and God, I will be able to achieve at least fifty-percent of what the list contains.

No to fake news

The proliferation of fake news had made some media outlets became the guardians of genuine and credible new sources.  I hope that we should not become victims of fake news by discriminating enough not to share data and information that are too good to be true.

 Social awareness

The social reality that we live in is alarming in terms of the number of people affected.  We still see a lot of children on the street, garbage uncollected, sudden change of weather, etc.  Now, if we care enough, I guess we need to somehow start from ourselves by using less plastic and recycle more.   I guess, we need to be involved in social projects that promote the welfare of the poor, and the uneducated.

Healthy lifestyle

Modern technology and fast food restaurants have somehow made our way of living less stressful.  But coupled with the instant access to these modern amenities is our health problems.  I promise that 2019 would be a health and fitness year for me.

I guess, each one of us has his/her annual resolution, may it be written physically or in our minds only.  We may not achieve all in our list but the most important thing is, we are able to take time to analyze what transpired in 2018 and promised not to do the things that created negative impacts in our life.

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