Brewedery Cafe: The New Eat Place in Talisay City

Talisay City is fast becoming the center of economic activities recently. If one is travelling from the north going to Bacolod City, one will notice two new buildings – the newly opened Toyota Bacolod and the ongoing construction of the Hino Motors building along the national road of Talisay City.
There is also an ongoing land development along the Silay-Bacolod Airport road, which falls within the boundary of Talisay City. Big land developers are ensuring their presence in the real estate business which shows how promising the business climate, specifically in the real estate business is in Talisay City.
This mouth-watering shake is unusually served this way – dripping portion of the shake as well as the icing is purposely scattered to give it a unique twist in serving.

In the local business scene, we saw many restaurants or cafes opening their doors to Talisaynons and the recent addition is the new hangout place called Brewedery Cafe, located near San Nicolas de Tolentino Church, fronting Little Angel Kindergarten. True-blooded Talisaynons will not miss this place because this child’s place is one of the best private pre-schools in the city.

Being on extended holidays and with nothing productive to do, me, my wife and the youngest daughter decided to try and find out what is on their menu. 
I ordered their giant burger paired with plain native coffee while my daughter ate cheesy bacon fries and sipped strawberry milkshake. My beloved wifey just enjoyed seeing us finishing our meal since she is on a diet.

Hamburger and french fries always go together
The nachos is a combination of sweet and sour dish with a tangy flavor, it makes you ask for more.

The ambiance is instagrammable, the feel is very millennial.  There is a second storey for couple or family who just want a more intimate conversation.
I was interested in the cafe’s name.  According to the owner and the cook at the same time, brewedery is a play on the ilonggo term, “bro diri”, loosely translated as “brother here” or “brother, come here”.

I was also told that they do not use artificial seasoning and their sauces came from an original recipe, which is their marketing advantage.

The homey vibes and simple furnishings make one truly feel at home.

What can I say about the place? Brewedery Cafe is worth the try.  The prices are very affordable.  I got the plain native coffee for P12.00, a far cry from the same coffee but five times the price of high-end coffee shops in Bacolod City.    The serving is very generous.  I finished only half of the giant burger.

The owner is very hands-on – he ensures that orders arrived on time and make short conversation with the customers.  

Millennials, like my daughter, finds all angles of the place picture-worthy.  They have inspiring quotes, some taken from bible verses that were made into giant posters. 

The over-all theme color is pastel, which is vibrant and creates a positive mood.

Interesting qoutes and fixtures are seen inside the cafe.

Indeed, visiting Brewedery Cafe made us productive after all.

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  1. The exterior of the café looks so simple, indeed it looks like a regular neighborhood store. The interiors look good though and in stark contrast with the exterior.

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