Firework Display 2019: Talisay City New Year Countdown

The medley of colors and the dancing of lights during a firework display are eagerly awaited by spectators.

For Filipino families, aside from an extended celebration of Christmas, spending the New Year with loved ones is eagerly awaited by everyone.  To add a more festive mode of the yearly celebration, every January 1, Talisaynons are treated to a spectacular heavenly sights.

For almost 30 minutes, Talisaynons and spectators from neighboring cities from the north and south were treated to a dance of lights in different colors, some in silver, red, green or orange.  As soon as the countdown began, spectators clapped, made sounds to signal that a showdown is about to happen.
Talisaynons and visitors from neighboring Bacolod and Silay took their places to ensure a perfect angle for the heavenly sight.
The first feature was an explosion of three different colors.  The explosive soared up the black sky and when it reached the highest height, it exploded into a chandelier-like spectacle in silver, then in red and finally in yellow.  

There were plenty of variations, which the crowd met with amazement.
This heavenly spectacle lights up the Talisay skyline every new year
When God made all the colors beautifully blended with each other

It was as if the angels with silver sword performed in the grandest show in heaven with the stars as the backdrop, a fitting homage to what the year, 2018 had been and what awaits us in 2019.
The sounds were used to drive the demon haunting us in 2018, while we excitedly face our fate in 2019 with sounds to inspire us. The vibrant colors may symbolize our positive outlook which may guarantee a fruitful year ahead.

Photo credit:  Ciara Alyssa P. Hinolan

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