Five Reasons Why Dog Walking is Important

Dog walking / Dogs, just like us are social beings, too. They love to play and interact with other animals and humans. When they are free to roam around, dogs love to sniff, to smell what appears strange or peculiar to their noses.   Our canine friends who do not get the right exercises like walking tend to get bored easily or they become unfriendly even to their owners.

In this article, I will discuss the importance and health benefits of dog walking.

dog walking

Walking releases the dog’s excess energy.

Big dogs such as Labradors are generally playful and active dogs. Depriving our adorable fur kids of the opportunity to get active will make them unhealthy. But keeping a regular walking routine makes our dogs happy and in good shape.

Walking facilitates interaction with other dogs and animals.

 Many dogs tend to follow what we do best during our free time – to interact and relate with our friends. Dogs are not different. Meeting or smelling the scent of other dogs and animals while exploring new areas is an interesting adventure for our dogs.

dog walking

Walking is good for the dog’s mental stimulation. 

Making little changes to the dog’s routine will keep him from getting bored and destructive.  Regular walks provide new experiences outside our homes. Seeing new scenery, and unfamiliar smells, meeting other dogs with their owners, and exploring obstacles are perfect brain stimulants.

Do you think that eating, sleeping, and eating, though not necessarily in this order is an interesting exercise? 

Walking is an endless bonding moment with our dogs.

We are the “world” to our dogs. They always want our attention. Walking is one of the best ways for our dogs to get 100% of our time. Plus, it deepens our emotional connection with our furry friends.

Walking prevents urinary and digestive problems.

Regular outside trips make it easy for our dogs to relieve themselves. Health problems are more likely to occur for doggies who are not able to relieve themselves regularly.

I know what I am talking about. We have two fun-loving doggos – Bolt, who is a Shih Tzu, and Sky, a Labrador. Sky has a regular morning walking routine.  Bolt, on the other hand, loves to follow us around the house and plays his favorite squeaky neon green ball. Those are his form of exercise.

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Being with our dogs allows for great bonding moments. Remember, we have our family and friends to shower us with love and support, while our pets have only us to depend on for their needs and attention.  Let us spend more time with our dogs by giving them regular walking exercises.

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  1. I would think walking your dogs is a given! But these are such important things to keep in mind.

  2. I love taking my puppy for a walk. It's good for both of us and therapeutic for me!

  3. I miss my dog and our walks! This is some great information to help pet owners get to walking. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is quiet insightful, my bestie has recently got a dog, will share this with her.

  5. My dog loves to get outside and run around – great read!

  6. I never walk out with my dog. It happens that he runs so fast and I couldn't stop him. Nice post!

  7. It's so important to walk your dog! I don't understand why any owner wouldn't do it. I agree with you that it's great for their mental stimulation.

  8. It's so important to walk your dog! I don't understand why any owner wouldn't do it. I agree with you that it's great for their mental stimulation.

  9. I think it is only cruel to own a dog and doesn't have time to give them their scheduled walk. One tip in choosing a dog is choose a dog that is fit to your lifestyle. For example, don't pick a huge dog that needs a lot of walks and activities if you don't have time for it. Just get a cat instead.

  10. Well at the end of the day, dogs are creatures that need movement and a social life, so these reasons make sense.

  11. Though I am not a dog person its interesting to know why so many people walk their dogs.

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