Sky: The Family’s Gentle Sunshine

I wrote about our little Shih Tzu in a separate post. This time, I would like to give you a sneak peek of our second dog.
We want to share what kind of dog she is, and how happy we are to have her as Bolt’s playmate and an addition to the family.
Sky is big and a bit tall even when she is still a baby.

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Our Sky is a big dog. You may think she will bite you the first time you meet her? No, you are wrong. Sky is one of the smartest and loving dogs in the world. Her friendly looks will melt your heart away.
She loves many things. She loves to eat, walk outside, fetch game and extra attention.
Sky eats plain dog food or a mixture of dog food and boiled pork meat and pork bones. We can even throw anything edible to her. During mealtime, she patiently waits for food remnants.
She loves long walks. She barks the bedroom door to remind me that it is walking time. It is like heaven when she goes outside the house. She sniffs everything that smells differently.
And of course, she does her routine – she poops and pees, not necessarily in that order, though. When everything is done, she continues walking excitedly to find another spot to smell.

She is cute when that tongue comes out of her mouth.

She rests after a long walk. Her tongue is sticking out when he feels hot and thirsty.

Labradors are active and high-spirited dogs. Sky loves to play fetch. She has extra energy when she is in the mood to play. She runs fast and could easily find the toy even when it is hidden somewhere.

She also obeys basic commands – sit, down, rotate, go or up.

Sky loves road trips.

Sky is the family’s sunshine. It is easy for us to meet her daily needs and care. We seldom go to the veterinarian nor grooming salon.

She never growls when our play gets too much. When we see her wagging her tails, that is an assurance that Sky loves us more than we do.

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Do you have pets, too? Please share how you love and care for your furbaby in the comment section below.

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  1. You dogs are so cute! Pets are so wonderful to have. 🙂

    Perla Lifestyle Blog

  2. Awwww. HE is too adorable. We have the same dog though ours is white.

  3. Oh wow, one of the cutest dog I ahve seen to day. Sky is such an adorable fur baby.

  4. Lovely dog! And what a beautiful name for her too!Reminds me of my hubby's fave dog

  5. Wow! Such a cute dog. I used to have a dog. Loved him. Dogs are such great companions.

  6. so sweet. I am not a pet lover, rather no one at my home. but my daughter loves and ask us to buy

  7. Sky is such a blessing for you people..infact every pet is a big big blessing 🙂

  8. Sky is really beautiful. What a lovely dog. We can't have a dog right now but when we do, Labs are one of my top dog choices.

  9. Aww Sky is beautiful. What a great looking dog.

  10. omg, Sky is such a cutie. Due to the current event I am far away from my family and my dog, I miss him so much. Pets are such a blessing and I can't wait to hug my doggy. 🥰

  11. I think Labradors are amongst the most beautiful dogs 🙂

  12. I am used to have a lab, she a brown love. I loved play fetch but most of all she loved naps. I think dogs are such blessing

  13. I used to have a lab before, wonderful dogs, good companions. Mine was a chocolate girl, she loved to play fetch too. Unfortunately she passed away at 13,5

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