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Meet Bolt, Our Furry Ball Shih Tzu

Bolt is our snob but playful Shih Tzu who loves everyone in the house.  He is always the first at the door to greet us and shows his bottom for a belly rub. He also gives his favorite squeaky ball as a greeting.

When he was small, he had many health issues. We spent a lot treating his health problems. I think the most challenging one was when he had a blood infection.  Bolt ate nothing for two days and his mouth was dry.

His vet gave plenty of medicines. He had intravenous fluids (IV) inserted on his foot too. I did not sleep the whole night checking if the IV was intact or he was still breathing.    After six months and a new veterinarian, his infection was gone. I am glad it was over now.

shih tzu
He was fragile when we got him.

Though he is small in size, this fluffy buddy is full of personality. He is fond of playing his neon squeaky ball with us. He would drop his toy in front of us.  Then we would throw it against the wall. He would run as fast as he could, unmindful of sliding or getting harm in the process.  He will catch the toy through his snout and two front feet so he could give it back to us securely.

He is very affectionate. He would follow us around the house. And when we settle down to watch television, we would show his bottom wildly or push his snout on our feet.

Sometimes, he gets too stubborn. He would ignore us when we want him to be inside the house after a routine.  It takes a few “COME INSIDE” commands before he will realize we want him to go inside. But he is easy to forgive.

shih tzu
How can you not forgive this cute pooch with his long shiny coat flying in the air while running inside the house?

Caring and loving this small pooch is fulfilling and challenging. It lightens my day the moment he wags his tail after a hectic day.

Sometimes a tear stain or an irritating cough worries me. Dog cough sounds strangely than humans.  But no matter what the situation is, we will always love Bolt by providing him the care and comfort he deserves.

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  1. Yes, he is much better.

  2. Shih Tzu have temperament though. But they are so huggable and cute, especially if they have long hairs.

  3. He's adorable. This breed is very hyper, but truly cute.

  4. I like to have dogs at home but its not allowed in my place. Good thing you can take care of him inside your place.

  5. Your dog looks so adorable. I want to hug him I miss my dog for this post 🙂

  6. Yes, He stays inside the house. He sleeps with his Manang's bedroom. He loves the aircon, you know.

  7. Yes, he is sooo cute.

  8. Thank you, David

  9. Aww he is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  10. hahaha. sosyal si Doy sleeping with Manang and with aircon pa. Good job! Hey broather. what happenned. I was muted on the group. I think my comment on you they did not like it.

  11. will DM you. regards

  12. So lovely I must say. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks to the participant frankly I don't like dogs

  14. Those eyes 🤩he is such a cutie.I've zero experience with pets but id definitely Feed him.

  15. omg i don't know what to say, he looks sooooo gorgeous i died…Also he looks happy, I love dogs.

  16. Awww, your fur ball is so cute! Poor thing, having so many health issues when he was a puppy. I hope he is much better now

  17. such a sweet pup! I used to be friends with a shih-tzu when I was little, what a fun dog!

  18. I am more into cats but dogs are great pets too 🙂

  19. Aww how cute! My friend has 3 Shih Tzus and they are such friendly dogs.

  20. Looks very humble and nice to me.

  21. Awww… Bol sure is a cute little one. I know I have had good experiences with Shih tzus for the most part. And Bolt looks adorable.

  22. your puppy is so cute……… it's hair combo makes it more handsome,……

  23. your puppy is so cute……… it's hair combo makes it more handsome,……

  24. I have a half silky terrier half Jack Russell terrier named Oreo. I remember when we got him he was a bundle of energy. Although he's not quite the same dog he once was. He's now a bit of an oldie. But we love him. And he's been so good for my family.

  25. Oh! What a cutie. So adorable

  26. I'm not a fan of pets but I really want to buy a house dog.

  27. Your dogs are so cute! And your shih tzu looks just like ours 🙂 True, these dogs may be a mess sometimes but we still love them very much. Love the summer haircut you've given them as well, it's very hard to groom puppies.

  28. We used to have a dog but we can't keep one since we moved 🙂

  29. Always wanted one but don't have the patience to groom so opted for hairless chihuahua.

  30. What a cutie. My kids are bugging me to get a dog, but I don't think I'm ready for one. Haha!

  31. I always wanted to have dogs but we can't since my son is allergy to fur 🙁 SUch a cute and adorable baby.

  32. Your little Mr. Bolt looks adorable! I wish I could have a puppy at home so that my Siamese cat won't feel lonely.

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