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Pawrade of Lights: A Dog Walk and Fashion Show / The Kansilay Furparents Latest Projects

I have a soft spot for pets, especially dogs. When our aspin, Flash crossed the rainbow bridge so many years ago, we were very sad. I cannot even afford to bury his remains. 

Thanks to a nephew who willingly accepted the task to make a decent burial place for him. After that depressing episode, I promised never to own a dog again. 

I am a bit guilty of not caring for him enough. That is why, it pains me to see dogs abused or slaughtered, caged, leashed or worst, abandoned by their owners. I am, therefore, grateful to know of volunteers or dog groups helping dogs live better lives. 

The Kansilay Furparents was formed to pursue the welfare of our furry friends. Organized last year and the first-ever dog group in Silay City, the group is actively promoting responsible pet ownership, with the end goal of collaborating with the local government unit to make Silay City a dog-friendly place. 

On January 05, 2020, at 6:30 PM, Kansilay Furparents is sponsoring a dog event entitled Pawrade of Lights: A Dog Walk and Fashion Show at the Silay City Covered Court. 

Dog owners from Silay City and the neighboring cities are expected to join the walk and participate in the fashion show. There will also be a talk about responsible pet ownership, which is very important in order for dog owners to realize that it is not easy to own a dog. 

Dogs in colorful outfits and their owners will strut their wares on January 05, 2020

Ms. Rominatrisha Sumpay, who is spearheading this project, a furmom of so many dogs herself, mostly rescued, has this to say: “It is entitled Pawrade of Lights as we believe these lights symbolize hope for those (dogs) who are subject of abuse or neglect by irresponsible owners.”
Ms. Mina Sumpay, our dogs’ fairy godmother is an active advocate of dogs’ rights 

The proceeds of this event will help fund the group’s first project, the Free Spay, and Neuter Program.

Event Sponsors include Munchers Café, Wags Grooming and Pet Supplies, Falcor Marketing Corporation, TopBreed Dog Meal, among others.

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