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Four Top Reasons Why Aice Ice Cream is A Hit

When I think of ice cream, only two brands come to mind – Selecta and Magnolia. Well, of course, there are other lesser-known brands that I had tasted for curiosity’s sake.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall most of them anymore. 
But there is a new player in the ice cream industry, at least for me who is not so fond of ice cream, that is winning the hearts of many Negrenses.
Aice Ice Cream is the latest brand in the cold business industry. It is slowly gaining a big chunk of the ice cream market without any advertisement on TV or billboards.
What is so special about Aice Ice Cream and why people are raving about it? 
In this article, I will discuss to you the product features of this latest ice cream craze.
My taste bud used to have either Selecta or Magnolia for my ice cream because these two brands are the only ones displayed in the supermarkets.

Depending on the flavors or whatever caught my fancy, I would grab one of them. What is common about the two are itsextra cream and sweet taste, I cannot tolerate getting a second serving.

The Aice Ice Cream variants, on the other hand, taste entirely different from these big players. It has a less creamy taste and the sweetness is just enough. You got to taste one flavor to see for yourself.

Price and Serving Portion

Aice Ice Cream flavors mostly come on sticks,. One piece of this frozen sweet cost 10 pesos to 20 pesos, depending on the flavor This is a lot cheaper than their Magnolia or Selecta counterparts, which come in pint, half or one-gallon container. 

Magnolia or Selecta products are priced from over 50 pesos to 250 pesos. So, if you just want to satisfy your sweet cravings, which one would you prefer?


Aice Ice Cream products are carried by small businesses, like a sari-sari store, a small café shop, like Munchers Café, or a small restaurant, mostly located around the vicinity of a school because this is a sure hit among students. 

Unlike buying Magnolia or Selecta products, you do not need to go to a supermarket and make a queue, forming a long line to buy one stick of Aice ice cream.
Munchers Café sells all the flavors available from the lone distributor in Negros Occidental. It replenishes as soon as a flavor is sold out.
There are crispies, milk sticks, and fruit-flavored varieties, so ice cream fanatics have plenty of flavors to select from. Additional flavors may soon be available such as the one in cone or cup.






What do we have for Magnolia or Selecta? In SaveMore Talisay, where we usually do our grocery shopping, I can almost count the flavors in my fingers and you have to skim through three layers of containers to see the different flavors.
Such a waste of time and inconvenience since you have the tendency to numb your fingers if those stay long inside the freezer. 
Final Thoughts
There are still more flavors to watch out for from Aice Ice Cream. More flavors will soon be sold at Munchers Café such as the Cone Taro or the Chocolate Cup.
So munchers, keep coming back at the café or LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook by clicking this link:
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  1. Great review of Aice Ice Cream, thanks for sharing all important aspects including flavour, accessibility and packing of Aice Ice Cream… (World in Eyes)

  2. I love this ice cream brand! We would usually buy the coffee flavor or the choco coated vanilla flavor. I like that it's affordable.

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