Big Me Eats at Big Daddy’s Diner

Bonding moment with the youngest is best spend with good food 
Whenever we find it hard to decide what restaurant to go to for our dinner, we always check those located along the Circumferential Road, fronting the New Government Center (NGC). 
Over the years, that portion of land developed by Villa Angela Subdivision is now a row of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and other business establishments. 

It is becoming a haven for food hunters and first-timers in Bacolod City who would like to taste the unique Bacolod dishes and desserts. 
And so, we found ourselves at Big Daddy’s Diner located inside Eastwalk – a block of small restaurants and cafes, usually catering to the nearby call center agents. 
What caught my attention, upon entering the store, was the large photograph of a New York scene pasted in one of the walls. It seems they want us to feel that we are eating in one of the diners in the US.
The life-sized picture of a New York building makes diners feel the “stateside” vibe. 
As depicted in the movies I’ve seen, most diners across America has warm, casual and happy-go-lucky set-up. American diners, usually serve burgers, pancake, grilled sandwiches, and fries as well as local comfort food. 
We will find out if Big Daddy’s Diner lives up to its American copycat.
My First Impression
The place looks “stateside” (an Ilonggo term, referring to anything imported). We found our seats comfortably in one of the corners, with a long cushioned bench and white stained-free tabletop.
The ceiling air conditioning units allow us to feel a very cold interior as the weather outside was blazingly hot that day. The interior’s color palette is in striking red and white. The walls are in subtle blue and green combination.
They have uniformed staff with the store’s logo printed at the back of the collared shirt. I did not notice if they have nameplates, too. 
Wearing of the nameplate is useful for us to identify our assigned staff in cases we need to have additional orders or we want to request for our bill. 
As in most restaurants, the table and chairs have different designs and arrange differently from one group to the other to make it more interesting to the eyes.
For more leisurely dining, there are two sets of table and chairs overlooking the busy street outside. You may observe different kinds of vehicle and people passing by the Circumferential Road.
There is an al fresco dining area, just before you step in the store. If you are a big group and you want to smoke and be rowdy at the same time, then this area is for you. 
Big Daddy’s Diner Menu
The menu includes everything that average eaters want. It has starters or appetizers, pizza, pasta, burger, waffles, sandwiches, shakes, desserts, beverages, all-day breakfast, soups and salad, main courses, combo meals and special bundle meals for a big group.



Considering that the food choices are quite extensive, there may be an occasion wherein some of the food is not available. 

This is very frustrating for me and I hope this will not happen should I set foot again in this place.

By the way, for set meals, you may select either rice, hash brown or pancake to go with your meal.


The staff was quick in getting our orders while our food arrived a little late. I understand it because there was only one staff available the whole time.

But, sometimes this is one of the reasons why customers keep away from restaurants with limited staff, especially during peak hours.


The service is generally average, obviously because only one person is taking and giving our orders. I even have to stand up to get a toothpick from the counter.

Our Food 

For this particular review, I ordered Crispy Boneless Bangus, while my youngest daughter went for the creamy chicken pesto and my beloved wifey got the Saucy Spareribs.

The serving portion size was reasonable vis-a-vis the price. My boneless bangus was breaded and deep-fried. It went with an atcharra and vinegar dip,

My daughter’s chicken pesto is quite big, she did not finish eating the pasta. For wifey, her grilled spare ribs came with a sweet sauce poured generously on top of the meat dish.

My dish is “americanized” – with hash brown. for P  180.00
The saucy Sparerib is a staple for P170.00 
I am very glad to note that all of the restaurants we have visited so far, take food presentation seriously, Big Daddy’s Dinner included. 
My Rating
I give Big Daddy’s Diner a FOUR (on the scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest). Did it live up to her stateside counterpart? I guess, it did.
I like the not-so-formal laid back feel, limited crowd, and the reasonable price dishes, yet delicious food. 
As an added service offering, the store has delivery service via a dedicated housekeeper/messenger.
Delivery service is becoming popular nowadays because of the changes in the lifestyle and work habits of the people 
On the minus-points, the restaurant should improve its customer service a bit, because customers may find another food place if he is not convinced by the services of the store. 
Finding parking space is hard during peak hours. However, you may avail of the paid parking in front of the Eastwalk area.
I would like to go back, with my family to try their Filet Mignon or Sizzling Blue Marlin or maybe check the additional menu offerings in the future.
Big Daddy’s Diner is located at Door No. 1, Eastwalk Circumferential Road, Bacolod City. You may get in touch with this restaurant thru their Facebook page:
Are you fond of eating out? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.


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