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DIY Samgyupsal is now in Bacolod City

DIY Samgyupsal / Want to eat Samgyupsal at the convenience of your home? But you can’t because of the lockdown?   You may now satisfy your Korean food craving by placing your order for a DIY Samgyupsal (others spelled it Samgyeopsal) delivered to your home.

For the uninitiated, Samgyupsal is a Korean word meaning “pork belly“, often refers to samgyeop-sal-gui (grilled pork belly), in the same way that the word galbi, meaning “ribs”, often refers to galbi-gui (grilled beef ribs). Gui refers to roasted, baked, or grilled dishes.

The RAMX Meat shop and Sodam Korean Restaurant team up to bring you this Korean dish cooked right at your dining table.

DIY samgyupsal


The package costs P599.00 and includes 1kg pork in samgyupsal cut, 1 kg charcoal briquettes, 500 grams of Kimchi, 100 grams of Ssamjang (soybean sauce), and 40 grams of sesame oil sauce.

Samgyupsal is our favorite Korean meal which consists of unmarinated pork belly meat with spicy condiments grilled in front of the diners.

You may visit their FB Page, RAMX MeatShop, for orders.

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  1. I think delivery service is a great idea especially considering the current situation.

  2. Ugh. I think this would be simply amazing. I would so love to have Korean BBQ at home.

  3. OMG I love love love Korean food. So excited it can be delivered to me in quarantine!

  4. I love samgyupsal a lot. and this one is an innovation. imagine having this food right in your house.

  5. Yes, due to quarantine our shopping experience shifted to online and delivery, which make it easy for us.

  6. Yes, try this out, if you are in Bacolod City.

  7. Wow! I love samgyupsal so much. I love the idea of delivery especially now that people are afraid to go outside.

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