Bess Bayanihan Tray: Buffet Style with a Twist

Bayanihan / Bess Kusina has come a long in delivering affordable yet delicious food dishes to its customers.  They say if you want to stay in business, you should find ways to satisfy your customers in their stomachs and through their wallets.

In keeping with this principle, my favorite “kitchen,” Bess Kusina, has introduced the Bess Bayanihan Tray.  This is a set meal composed of rice, pork liempo, dried fish, eggplant, okra, chicharon, salted egg, squid, shrimp, crab, fruit in season, and their signature sauce/dip.

The seafood available for every variant promotes a healthy diet.

Bess Kusina’s latest offering has a social significance.  It aims to relive the bayanihan spirit among its customers. Bayanihan is the essence of Filipino culture.  It is helping one’s neighbor as a community and doing a task together, thus lessening the workload and making the job easier.

The is the classic example of bayanihan, one of best Filipino culture.

The community spirit is best described by transferring “bahay kubo,” the traditional Filipino house, from one area to another.  People in the barangay help carry the house, using wooden poles, cooking the food to be eaten after, and doing other tasks.  There will be a small gathering as a form of celebration and socialization.

By buying the Bess Bayanihan tray, customers are given the “feel” of the bayanihan spirit.  Since the food may be eaten bare hands and with friends or officemates, it promotes socialization or celebration.

The Bess Bayanihan Tray is carried to your doorstep.  To add to the “damayan” feel, Bess Kusina staff will deliver the food to your doorstep the “bayanihan way.”  Bess Kusina staff will carry the food on a platform from the point of origin to the customer’s doorstep.


The Bess Bayanihan tray is available in three sizes.  You can arrange delivery within the La Carlota to Bacolod area for free.

  1. Purok- (Php1,200) good for 7-10pax
  2. Barangay- (Php 2,200) good for 17-20pax
  3. Ciudad- (Php 3,200) good for 27-35pax

Bess Kusina is located inside South Bacolod General Hospital and Medical Center, Inc., Araneta Highway, Barangay Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.

You may check their FB Page >>

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