Best Bacolod Restaurants / Six Best Features of Ria G Cakes and Pastries

Best Bacolod Restaurants / Facebook groups like Kaon ta ‘Pre or Support Local Food Bacolod are invaluable resources for food enthusiasts like us. They keep us updated on the latest dining establishments in Bacolod City.

Whenever I come across a post about a newly-opened restaurant or cafe, especially one of the best Bacolod restaurants, I make sure to save it for future reference.

RIA G. CAKES AND PASTRIES, also known simply as RIA G., caught my attention, and I saved the post on my phone. Recently, my wife and I, along with our youngest, had the opportunity to visit the place, and I’d like to share our dining experience with you.


Accessible Location

Locating the place is a breeze. It has a black painted frontage with white background signage which is in contrast with the predominantly classic color. The cafe is just within the highway, so if you are riding a public vehicle, as soon as you get off the jeep, you can immediately find this new cafe.

Interesting Wall Paintings

For first-time visitors, your attention will be immediately drawn to the paintings on the walls. The cafe’s four walls are painted cohesively, featuring caricature of chinky-eyed lady staff, ready to serve trays of cake to customers.

As you take in the artwork, the aroma of the cake wafts through the air, accompanied by images of other food items alternately presented on the walls. This concept suggests that tasting their cakes first will lead to enjoying their other food offerings later.

Best Bacolod restaurants

Creamy and Moist Sweets and Desserts

I believe the standout feature of Ria G. is their extensive selection of delectable desserts. I had the pleasure of sampling a bite-size portion of Ciara’s Fudge Brownie, and it was divine. The rich dark chocolate flavor melted perfectly in my mouth, complemented by the addition of tiny chocolate chips. Interestingly, my daughter noted that these chips were placed differently from those on other brownies she had tasted before.

During our conversation, Ria shared with me her background in the cake business, where she sold sweets online or to friends and relatives. With her experience and the direct-to-customer approach, Ria ensures that her delightful treats remain affordable without compromising on quality.

Best Pancakes in Town = One of the  Best Bacolod Restaurants

If you’re avoiding rice due to diet restrictions, consider trying their pancake options instead. These round, flat cakes made from a starch-based batter have a slightly sweet flavor and are delicious on their own.

I opted for the Big American Breakfast, which includes two large pancakes, one medium-sized sausage, three strips of crispy bacon, a side of pork and beans, and two slices of toasted bread. This generous meal also comes with a complimentary cup of brewed coffee.


Don’t forget to bring your cellphone and camera when visiting Ria G. You’ll definitely want to capture photos of yourself and your delicious food. Plus, you can immediately share them on your social media accounts since they offer wifi connection.

After all, a great dining experience includes more than just delicious food—it’s also about the amenities and convenience.

Personalized Service

The best restaurants in Bacolod offer more than just delicious food—they also provide exceptional service. If you’re lucky enough to visit when Ria is around, you’ll be greeted by her warm and welcoming demeanor. Having the owner present adds a personal touch to the dining experience, allowing you to give immediate feedback on the food and service.

I enjoy supporting local eateries, especially when I’m impressed with their offerings. After a delightful experience at Ria G. Cakes and Pastries, I can’t wait to return and sample more of their treats. Next time, I’ll be sure to try their Signature Moist Chocolate Cake and Oreo Cheesecake.

For other info, please visit their FB Page, Ria G. Cakes and Pastries

Have you recently visited any restaurants or cafes? We’d love to hear about your dining experiences! Please share in the comment section below.

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