Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod

Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod: Experience Al Fresco Dining with a Farm Vibe

Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod is an open-air restaurant that serves your favorite Filipino and international dishes located along a stretch of sugarcane field giving you a feel of farm life in the city.

Have you experienced dining inside a junkyard, with tables and chairs fashioned out of vehicle parts? We have found a new eating place utterly different in looks from the usual aesthetics we always appreciate in a restaurant or cafe.

Upon entering Tractor Cafe, you are immediately enveloped in a relaxed atmosphere created by the lush foliage of the large trees located inside the cafe itself. The tables are cleverly repurposed from old vehicle parts, and the chairs are arranged in a random, informal dining style.

The main building of the cafe bears a striking resemblance to a bodega or junk shop, evoking nostalgia for the bygone era of the sugar industry when such structures were commonly used for storing farm equipment and tools.

As you explore the interior, you’ll discover an eclectic collection of memorabilia, including vintage toy car models, antique transistor radios, analog telephone units, and old television sets, among other fascinating relics. This delightful array offers a captivating glimpse into the rich history of Negros.

Tractor Cafe’s extensive menu is truly remarkable, offering a delectable selection of beloved Filipino comfort foods alongside a variety of international dishes. However, no visit would be complete without indulging in their smoothies and refreshing cold drinks, which are an absolute must-try.

Grande Chueta de Cerdo is a Peruvian-inspired dish.

When it comes to dining out, I always aim to try new and unfamiliar dishes, especially on my first visit to a restaurant. On this occasion, I ordered an item with a foreign-sounding name, Grande Chueta de Cerdo, which turned out to be a set meal consisting of a breaded pork chop, tallarin saltado (fried spaghetti noodles), fried potatoes, onion rings, rice, and a glass of iced tea.

To my delight, the dish lived up to my expectations. The pork chop was perfectly fried, resulting in a crispy and delectable texture. However, it’s worth noting that this meal is heavily loaded with carbohydrates, so if you’re conscious about your dietary intake, it might be advisable to opt for a lighter option.

In addition to the Grande Chueta de Cerdo, we ordered several other items: Beef Gyudon, Danggit Breakfast Meal, Berry Berryberry Strawberry Smoothie, Coffee-Raf, and Ube Cheesecake with Polvoron Crust.

The Beef Gyudon is a classic Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of tender sliced beef simmered in a sweet onion-based sauce, topped with a sunny-side-up egg. On the other hand, the Danggit Breakfast Meal is a quintessential no-fuss morning staple, featuring a sunny-side-up egg, steamed rice, and savory pork and beans.

The Berry Berryberry Strawberry Smoothie offered a refreshing and fruity reprieve, while the Coffee-Raf provided a delightful caffeinated beverage option. Lastly, the Ube Cheesecake with Polvoron Crust combined the beloved Filipino ube flavor with a cheesecake base, encased in a delectable polvoron crust.

Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod
Danggitsilog is everyone’s breakfast meal.

The first time I heard it, Tractor Cafe’s Coffee Raf impressed with its creamy and sweet flavor profile, followed by a distinct lemony aftertaste. The Berry Berryberry Smoothie lived up to its name, delivering a smooth and light texture that was truly refreshing.

As for the Ube Cheesecake, its unique polvoron crust imparted a delightful twist to the familiar flavors, setting it apart from traditional cheesecake offerings.

Ube Cheesecake with Polvoron Crust is Tractor Cafe’s bestseller.


Coffee Raf is coffee with a twist; creamy sweet with a lemony aftertaste.

Final thoughts

Visit Tractor’s Cafe if you want a new place to bring your family or friends for lunch or dinner. It is open-air dining, which is highly recommended considering that we are still in the pandemic.

The place is so relaxing. You and your friends can eat your favorite comfort food and coffee under an acacia tree while talking about anything. The cafe’s food choices are varied; If you don’t know what to eat, ask for the bestsellers, and the staff will gladly assist you.

A word of caution, though: the food is pricey.  But I tell you, it’s all worth it.

Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod

Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod is located at Hacienda Sta. Maria, Talisay City, beside The Ruins, Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

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  1. Turtles Mosaic Artwork says:

    The food, the place, the vibes omg…The restaurant is amazing….I love the farm feel, it is the best.

  2. Sounds like a great place to visit and it’s something you wouldn’t think you would find the farm feels. Love that most decorations are unique and tell a story, not only local but you could find international food items as well which is a win-win.

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