Easy and Convenient Home Service of GAB Appliance Service Center

For someone who has a 9-to-6 job, maintaining the upkeep of the household is not easy. You have to spare extra time to be able to deal with the seemingly mundane chores.

Since I am not a technical person, most of the time I find it hard to look for a plumber, electrician, welder, and other technicians to fix things at home. 

Additionally, I find it hard to schedule an appointment with them, since they are also available on weekdays.

Aircon Maintenance

Just two weeks ago, I discovered that my daughters’ room air conditioning (AC) unit is not behaving normally. I found out that ice was formed inside, making their room not cool enough.

I am thankful that an established air conditioning technician company is available in Talisay City, wherein I can just call for home cleaning service and set an appointment with. This is the second time that I asked for their aircon cleaning service.

GAB Appliance Service Center

GAB Appliance Service Center, specializes in aircon sales, installation, and services. It has branches in Cebu, Davao and other parts in the Visayas and Mindanao. Because I am satisfied with the way they handled my request, I want to write a positive review for them.

Excellent Customer Service

Setting an appointment for home service and expecting a reply is easy and immediate, respectively. They will tell you if they cannot serve you on your preferred schedule.

Polite and Skilled Technicians
The three technicians arrived in the familiar blue GAB Aircon uniform. They are helpful in patiently explaining to me, what causes the condenser to malfunction. They ensure that not a single debris remains in the condenser.

Accessible Location
The office location is situated along the main road, Magsaysay Highway, within one of the commercial areas in Talisay City. Finding their office is a breeze.
Knowing GAB Appliance Service Center has solved a part of my problem when it comes to doing menial jobs.

Final Thoughts

With changing lifestyle and work arrangement, I hope other miscellaneous service companies will operate a branch in Talisay City soon or an online store for these miscellaneous services be centralized in one website for us, consumers to connect with when the need arises.

Is it difficult for you to look for technicians to fix something at home? Where do you usually go to find them? Share that with us in the Comments Section below.

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