Talking Turns Therapy Clinic / Bacolod City: Dedicated to Children with Speech and Language Disorders

For health professionals, modern science and technology have made practically all sorts of health disorders – addressed or treated. As early as a few months after conception, some tests could already tell if your baby has Down Syndrome, serious heart defect or kidney problem. 

Recently, the Department of Health (DOH) issued Republic Act 9288 or Newborn Screening Act of 2004, requiring all hospitals to conduct newborn screening tests to all babies delivered in the facility. 
The government hopes that with this law, the early detection of disorders and interventions will save more lives and reduce unnecessary negative effects of Filipinos with health problems. 

However, there are developmental disorders that may not be detected until the baby reaches one year old or more when the child is observed not to be typically developing. 
Other communication disorders even go beyond the growing years such as those with neuro developmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 
Typically, children may find it difficult to distinguish sounds or may have trouble with words and sentences, but they should be able to talk at around 4 or 5 years old as they already have a well-developed speech and language skills 
For a long time, speech-impaired children were not properly diagnosed and treated and we sometimes called them “pitla” or “nagapurotikol maghambal” or worst, “apa” . (loosely translated as “gibberish’). 
There is now a speech clinic in Bacolod City called TALKING TURNS THERAPY CLINIC, located in Room 3-9, 3rd Floor of the JDI Building (in front of PLDT), Galo Street, Bacolod City, that caters to children who have speech and language problems. Now, finding a Speech Specialist for our kids is no longer a problem. 
Usually done on a one-on-one session, students are assessed, diagnosed and an individualized program is formulated to treat the speech, language, social communication, and cognitive-communication disorders. 
Owned and managed by Maria Jackelyn D. Sia, a Speech and Language Pathologist, the airconditioned speech clinic is like a kid’s playground complete with educational toys that aid in the kids’ speech rehabilitation program. 

This attractive image hangs prominently at the back of the door gives students a play on colors and scenes of humans and animals interacting with each other.

The individualized program is structured, based on the child’s learning needs and interventions are mostly play-based activities.

This cabinet houses the toys at various developmental levels to facilitate development of child’s play skills.  

When I asked why Talking Turns, she has this to say: “Talking Turns” is all about communication, rather than learning generically.  It is a play on the words, “taking turn”, which adds an element of social interaction, to just merely talking,  using words to engage, connect with other people and the world.

“Taking turn” emphasizes the need for collaboration- the parents and others should also be communication partners of the kids. “Like they say, it takes a village to raise a child”.

Talking Turns Therapy Clinic emphasizes the importance of collaborations between the students and guardians and parents.

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