The Bigger and Improved Ann Co Cakes in Silay City

Yesterday, we fetched the wifey and the second from the Bacolod -Silay Airport and since their arrival from Cebu was a bit late, we decided to spend our dinner at Ann Co Cakes in Silay City.

Recently, we have many new eat places to discover in Silay City. These new restaurants and cafes are a big help for people who travel a lot because these are convenient places to make their stomach full before going to their respective destination in Negros Occidental.
For those traveling down south and driving the main road, Ann Co Cakes is one of those restaurants that are easy to go to because it is located along the highway.
Aside for its accessibility, here are other “firsts” to discover from Ann Co Cakes, Silay City.
1. New Items on the Menu 
Their avocado cheesecake tasted so good – the sweetness is just enough, a little salty or bitter and served without the usual syrup poured on top of the cake, better for those who are conscious about their blood sugar level.
This is a welcome treat for us, who are used to ordering Mango or Strawberry Cheesecake.


Instead of syrup, this Frozen Avocado Cheesecake was sprinkled with almond


2. Whimsical Artworks

The walls are turned into an artist canvas. Yes, all the nook and cranny were not spared, not even the outside walls.
Most artworks are paintings of people with very detailed features, some with a big head or long neck and scenes of everyday life.
Before, the walls were painted sparingly but now, you can see many interesting art pieces, which you will appreciate while eating your meal.


This is the new table and chairs that is found beside the old sala set.


The old sala set has an elaborate illustration of an “haciendero” riding his horse.


3. Function Room 
They had constructed additional space reserved as a function room, which is used to be an open area for entrance but now converted into extra space for the cafe.
It has a floor to ceiling crystal wall fronting the main road. You can have the best view of the people and vehicles passing by. Just like the existing store space, this new room has fascinating illustrations as well.
This is the new Function Room taken from the outside;the drawings seem to compliment the view from the inside.


4. New Furniture
The cafe has table and chairs of different designs. They now have two sets of sofa and chairs, very comfortable for that cozy afternoon coffee or good conversation with someone special. 
The high tables and chairs were also noticeable, similar to the ones we see in bars. It is ideal for big groups who are fond of sipping cold drinks and smoothies.
Final Thoughts
Dining at Ann Co Cakes was indeed worthwhile because of these new features. They say that if you want to stay in business, you should innovate, find something new to offer to your customers. Ann Co Cakes will surely stay in business.
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  1. My hubby and I like Ann Co cakes, too! The food and ambience are great!

  2. Hi Alma. Thanks for your comment. Regards.

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