Three Must-See Places in Hinobaan, Negros Occidental

We always look forward to summer because it is the best opportunity to spend precious time with my siblings and their families.

Except for important occasions, we rarely see each other because of our busy schedules.

Going out of our homes and spending two to three days in other places is a family reunion and bonding because we temporarily forget our chores back home and just enjoy the small conversations and recollections of old family stories.

Usually, we plan our summer activities such as this Hinoba-an trip two to three months in advance so that we can anticipate our spending and allocate some for the planned trip. 

We discuss our itinerary and the cost of each activity. Considering the expenses and the schedules of each one, we decide on the date.  

Then, family members are given their tasks; so that they can make the necessary preparations ahead of time.

I was appointed to book for the hotel that we are staying in Hinoba-an. Actually, I do not know much about this place.  

That newsfeed on my timeline and a recommendation from a friend gave us the green signal to spend our annual summer outing there.  

Here are the three must-see places that we visited that you should visit, too. 

Based on the pictures from Facebook, it was a unanimous decision to stay in Brazaville Beach Resort and we did not regret it. 

This DOT-accredited beachfront resort had 6 family rooms, with a very wide common living area, a big terrace and an open area extending a few meters to the beachfront. 

We got 3 family rooms, good for 4 persons for P2,900.00 each and another room good for 2 persons for P2,200.00. 

The family room had superior accommodation.  There was a queen-size bed, which can sleep 3 persons and an extra bed for another person, a cable-installed modest-sized TV, and a decent WIFI connection. 

Our overnight stay came with a complimentary breakfast good for two persons for each room. 

Thirty minutes away from the beach resort, this nature’s wonder can be accessed by car, if you are the adventurous type.  

But common means of transportation is through a motorcycle because some road portions were not concreted yet and steeped, so bringing your vehicle was quite risky. 

There was a 15-minute walk from the loading/unloading area to the cave. You may take a leisurely walk while enjoying the green scenery.

Upon reaching Obong Paradise, we were greeted with an endless view of blue waters and lush vegetations. 
Obong Paradise Beach Resort was the take-off point for spelunkers. Before entering the caves, we were required to wear a hard hat, which is available for rent at P50.00 but we took it at P40.00 per piece.

With our assigned tourist guide, we hesitantly entered a dark and narrow hole. What we saw when the light from a single flashlight was put on made us wondered in excitement.

Located right after Hinoba-an and the first town of Negros Oriental, Basay town is home to Satori Cliff, a Bali-inspired haven for those who are into extreme water sport adventures such as rock climbing and cave diving or those who want to be on the safe side such as snorkeling or skin diving. 

If you do not want any of these water sports, you may just watch the sunset, feel the breeze of fresh air and appreciate the company of your friends and family.

We left Talisay City, Negros Occidental at around past 8 AM on Saturday. It was a bit rainy and our plan to get the best summer outing is looming on the horizon. 

We made a side trip to Mila’s in Hinigaran to buy some sweets and used its restroom. Mila’s is the famous pasalubong center in the south and has the cleanest restroom. 

After that, we had our lunch in Kabankalan; lingered a bit in the eatery because of some personal stuff. 
We safely reached Brazaville Beach Resort at around 3 PM with sunny weather, exactly what we prayed for. We traveled roughly around 7 hours, not bad because average travel time from Bacolod City to Hinoba-an is 5 hours.

We savor the sunset of what remains of our time on Saturday. Brazaville Beach Resort made a beautiful sunset dinner set-up in candlelight for us. We almost occupied the whole beach by ourselves because there were only two guests checked-in for the night.
We had a good conversation and loud laughter over Red Horse and San Mig Light. 
The following day, we got up early for the 7 AM trip to Obong Cave. It was a bumpy ride with our trusty tricycle but we arrived in Obong Paradise unharmed. 
After the registration and briefing, we explored the cave and followed the instructions of our tour guide to the letter, including his instruction to be a little noisy inside the cave. 

He did not tell us why we had to do that. I surmised, maybe it was a way of driving out the unseen creatures lurking inside the cave.  So, I was a bit scared hearing his warning.
We marveled at the wonderful sights inside, including the growing stalactites and stalagmites, which take thousands of years to form and grow. 

I feel sad and disappointed to observe the dead corrals and many writings on the wall, which indicates rampant vandalism. 

Overlooking the cave is the pristine clear ocean water which is ideal for swimming or snorkeling. While the shoreline is stony, we still manage to swim.
We returned back to the resort at lunchtime; ready to go to our last stop. We packed our belongings and paid our resort bills after takng our lunch. Then, we travelled 30 minutes from the resort to Satori Cliff. 
There was nothing we did in Satori Cliff, except to take scenic shots of the surroundings. We saw picnic sheds and high cliff with beautiful rock formations. There were interesting and sometimes amusing statements made as signages placed in strategic locations. 
We arrived back in Bacolod City around 7:30 PM, after almost 5 hours travel. Despite the gloomy weather forecast a few days before our scheduled trip, we are happy to spend the hottest and best summer ever in Hinoba-an.
Do you have the best every summer experience? Please share that with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These places look amazing like a dream vacation spot. I hope to visit them some day. Wow!
    Elizabeth O

  2. It looks as if you enjoyed yourself. I would love to go inside the rock cave. I am adventurous so that would be great to be at!!!!🤗

  3. Such beautiful places all of them, but I would surely want to see the rock formations and cliff, beaches are still skippable.

  4. I miss travelling and seeing the world. There is only so much rain you can look out at before you start to go mad!

  5. This looks like a great place for a holiday. Roll on lockdown being over so that we can all travel again!

  6. the place looks wonderful and definitely worthy a visit. I have never heard about it up till now, thanks for spreading

  7. This looks like an awesome place to visit! Thanks for bring it to my attention!

  8. oh wow it seems like you are really satisfied with your trip…Well these places really sounds amazing to visit and explore…especially will love to see sunset in a beach…Thanks for sharing…

  9. Wow, they are beautiful. I would visit to love these places someday.

  10. This looks like an amazing destination! I would love to visit some day. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  11. I've never been to Negros Occidental I would love to see that place. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  12. It sounds like the resort was very well located. I'd love to watch the sunset. Not sure I'd be adventurous enough to visit any caves.

  13. The places look wonderful! I would love to go there someday


  14. How incredible. Love these places. I love being able to see places through other's travels. I hope someday to visit these places. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I was just talking with a friend about how much I love to see sunsets. So this might be for me. Yes!hat selfie on the cliff though. Yes!

  16. Amanda says:

    Wow such a beautiful place to vacation! Looks like a great time!

  17. These are places that I would like to visit. This looks like a nice place for a vacation

  18. All of these places look beautiful. I would love to get here one day and relax by the water.

  19. oh my!!! The place is amazing, I would love to spend a couple of weeks there, that would be awesome.

  20. I would love to go there! It looks soo beautiful and sounds like such a fun place to visit.

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