The Complete Guide To Filing A Car Insurance Claim

Getting involved in a vehicular accident is stressful The ordeal starts the moment you wait for the traffic investigator to arrive. In the Philippines, sometimes waiting for an investigator takes longer. 


You entertain a lot of thoughts, from being thankful that you are unharmed, thinking many “what-ifs” that could have been avoided, to the financial aspect of the accident. 


Recently, our car was hit by an ambulance and I was thankful that I do not have to mind the financial headache brought about by this unforeseen event.

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Knowing the process of filing an insurance claim will help you get your reimbursement faster.


In this post, I will discuss my experience filing a car insurance (on-damage) claim to BPI/MS Insurance Corporation.  

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Generally, “on-damage” or Comprehensive insurance shoulders not only the cost of loss or damage to your vehicle but also your passengers from road-related risks and hazards. While only the Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) is required in the Philippines, it is highly recommended to get a comprehensive insurance.


Please take note that most car insurance companies in the Philippines have different requirements and processes in filing an insurance claim. It is best to refer your specific concerns to your insurer.


What are the documents needed for an insurance claim?


Remember to stay calm, although this is impossible to do when you are involved in an accident. You may remain patient while waiting for the Traffic Investigator to arrive until the investigation procedure is done. 


You should get your Police Report and Driver’s License ID from the Traffic Investigator on the second day of the incident. The rest of the documents are with you and all you need to do is have those photocopied.


You should submit the following documents to your insurer immediately so they can start processing your claim.

        1.  Police Report

        2.  Photocopy of the vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (CR)

        3.  Photocopy of the current Official Receipt (OR) of the vehicle’s registration                            renewal

        4.  Photocopy of the Driver’s License ID

        5.  Repair Estimate from a reputable shop


What is next after I submitted my documents?


The insurance company will inspect and take pictures of the car damage as well as the vehicle’s Motor and Serial Number. Then, they will start processing your claim.


How long should I wait for my insurance claim?


Approval of insurance claim takes 3-5 working days and 8 working days for claims of 100 K below and more than 100 K, respectively.


The insurance provider will inform you of the insurance claim approval. You may coordinate the schedule of repair immediately with the approved machine shop.


My experience filing a claim with BPI/MS


BPI/MS delivered what they promised. I got the approval of my insurance claim on the 8th day of the submission of the documents. It helped that the Head Office approval, which is required for my claim was processed electronically, so it was sent in real-time.

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Now, that you know the general idea of how a car insurance claim is processed, you should feel more relaxed the next time your car is into trouble. 


But, if you think you are still unsure, please feel free to contact any of my social media accounts. I am willing to help you get your insurance claim faster.

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  4. This is great advice. I was fortunate enough to have a great company to work with when I was in an accident years ago.

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  17. Great guide! My last accident took forever to resolve because it involved 3 vehicles, the one causing the accident being a drunk tourist who went into the car behind me. I was without a vehicle until the court judgement was issued and my car could finally be repaired with insurance cover.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    The steps change a bit in the US. The Insurance company has a list of recommended repair people so most of us tend to use them.
    Elizabeth O

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