Our Car was Hit by a Rushing Ambulance / Why it is Important to Get a Car Insurance

That was a bad day. After almost 8 months since we got our 2020 Nissan Terra, the car was hit by a rushing ambulance. 

We were driving leisurely taking Lacson Street, in Bacolod City, Philippines, after bringing our youngest daughter to work when suddenly I heard a sound. I pulled over and got out immediately. 

It turned out, my car’s rear portion was hit by a rushing ambulance. The impact damaged severely the rear door, including the rear bumper and the tail light assembly. But we were spared. Nothing happened to us during the collision.

The damage was severe that it needs the back door to be replaced.

I am thankful that the glass window was unharmed.

The rear tail light assembly needs replacement.

Being involved in a traffic accident is both tedious and time-consuming. Aside from submitting myself to a Traffic Investigation, it is difficult being carless for two weeks while our car is under repair, especially now that public transport is limited because of the pandemic.

However, I am comforted by the thought that we were unharmed and my car insurance took care of the car repair.

How much is car insurance for a month? 

Getting car insurance is very important. My insurer gave me a free one-year insurance on the first year. I will pay forty thousand pesos in the succeeding year. That’s roughly around three thousand three hundred pesos per month. Thankfully, the insurance cost diminishes as the car gets older.

I save a fortune from just paying so little, in fact, I paid nothing, since the accident happened on the first year. The car repair amounts to three hundred thousand pesos. That was a whopping three hundred thousand pesos savings to my wallet.

The next question is : Do we really a need car insurance? 
Yes, the right car insurance coverage will protect your vehicle, yourself, and your passengers during traffic accidents and other calamities. Here are some of the benefits of having a car insurance.

1. Protection from costly car repair

Comprehensive insurance coverage may help pay for car repair during accidents, or car damage due to a collision. It may also replace a brand new vehicle in cases of a stolen car.

2. Pay little and benefit more

Car insurance protects you from huge expenses. By paying a small amount now you can avoid costly expenses in the future.

3. Financial Protection

With the right insurance coverage, you will be saved from paying out of your own pocket the aggrieved parties’ medical expenses or lost income.

4. Self and passengers’ protection

The best car insurance protects you and your loved ones during an accident. Insurance coverage may also take care of the property or bodily injury costs.

5. Saves time

Managing the cost of repair or vehicle replacement can be time-consuming and tedious. Likewise, finding the best car repair shop and negotiating the cheapest cost is difficult. A good car insurance company will save you from these headaches.

Having the right car insurance policy is more than a legal requirement. Good insurance coverage will save your wallet and give you peace of mind.

What is your car insurance coverage?  Please share your experience about how you benefits from it in the Comment Section below.


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  1. This is great way to put it. Car insurance can be such an expense but it is so important to have. You never know what could happen!!!🤗

  2. Thank God you guys are okay. I do not know much about cars or their insurances but this was quite enlightening.

  3. Glad it wasn't more than that. I saw one where a rushing ambulance also hit a car and for a minute thought it was you guys.

  4. ohhhh, I am so happy you guys are okay! Yes I would never drive without a car insurance, never…

  5. You did a careful and detailed analysis making it clear why excellent insurance is so important. Thank you!

  6. Glad you are ok. Thanks for sharing how important insurance is

  7. Oh God you people are safe… Car insurance might be expensive but mandate. Buying insurance is similar to saving money to cover yourself financially in case of an accident. … The government has made it mandatory to buy car insurance because no person should suffer a financial loss from an accident. If they do, they should be compensated fairly.

  8. So true, I couldn't imagine not having a car insurance, and I agree, it's truly important to look at the details to find a very good one.

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