Look: Security Bank Donates Bio-Molecular Laboratory for COVID-19 Patients

I always look up to business corporations who not do not exist soley for profit but also make time to give back to the community.
Amidst the pandemic, when business climate is not favorable, Security Bank made a difference by donating something that is very essential to the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Philippine Red Cross President and CEO, Senator Richard J. Gordon thanks Security Bank Foundation for donating a bio-molecular laboratory in Cebu City that would beef up the testing capacity of the Visayas region.
“The need for testing cannot be over-emphasized to unmask the virus and prevent or control the spread. Thank you, Security Bank Foundation for donating the largest molecular laboratory for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the region.” Gordon said in the Philippine Red Cross Facebook Page.

Photo Credit: Philippine Red Cross Facebook Page

The Philippine Red Cross is actively supporting the Philippine government in fighting the spread of the coronavirus by establishing testing centers all over the country.
The Security Bank Foundation, on the other hand, is the social arm of the Security Bank. The foundation is a regular patron of the PRC.
“With these, we test fast and we test more. We hope the testing and treatment we provide to COVID-19 patients will help the medical community”, Gordon added.

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  1. Wow, this is very timely. The generosity of Security Bank is commendable.

  2. This is more risky on the off chance that it is a clinic research facility than a conventional lab.Disposable Lab Coats

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  4. that is great! in this time of pandemic, considering to donate is really something commendable. 🙂

  5. Wish, such a bold move from security bank and we really appreciate their help. More efforts like this should be done, especially by our own government.

  6. This is great! I love how this security bank donates something good for the community and helps out! What a hero!

  7. We need all the help that we can, especially the Philippines is never been ready for any kind of disaster. Kudos for Security Bank!

  8. Its a great initiative, we all need to come forward and fight this together. The world at large has to take all measures neccessary to eradicate this COVID 19 out of our lives.

  9. This is so amazing and generous of the red cross, if only everyone could render a helping hand in this trying moment.

  10. Not a lot of banks are doing an endeavor similar to Security Bank. Some banks are even letting go of employees via retirement option.

  11. this is such a notable gesture by Security Bank Foundation indeed keeping in mind the concerns of the citizens

  12. Nowadays it is next to impossible to find business corporations who do not solely exist for profit but also make time to give back to the community. Good you found one!

  13. I like hearing about companies that are trying help the world as well as make money too. Hopefully, this act will have a significant effect on the battle against COVID.

  14. Good to read an article like this that extend their help during this pandemic. Bio-Molecular Laboratory for COVID-19 Patients Would definitely a big help , kudos to Security bank and well down you for sharing this good deeds.

  15. any company or person giving back to a good cause has my appreciation and support! that's great the bank is doing something positive in the world ; )

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