The Complete Guide to Income Tax Filing and Payment for Freelancers and Business Owners

Income earners in the Philippines are required to pay income taxes to the government. Taxes provide funds for the government to finance its projects and programs.

There are different taxes that every employed Filipino is required to file and pay. Of course, some income-earners need not file or pay their income tax.

The preparation of the income tax form is confusing, especially for first-time filers. You need to be familiar with some technical terms for you to fill out the form correctly.

Now, we may breathe a sigh of relief because BIR is going digital. Thanks to the Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms), which is downloadable on the BIR website, we can prepare our tax returns via the new application.
The eBIRForms allows the encoding of the taxpayer’s data directly to the BIR system, which automatically computes the tax dues and validates all the information before you can print the tax forms.
This new process is a convenient and advanced alternative that does away with the manual process of preparing the tax returns on pre-printed forms that are prone to error.
So, how do we use the eBIRForms?

Here is the step-by-step guide in accomplishing the income tax form using the eBIRForms package. Click to Tweet.

1. Download the eBIR Forms Offline Package Version7.6.

  • Go to;
  • In the Home page, click the “eBIR Forms” button to download the Offline eBIRForms Package v7.6 and follow the instruction;

  • Go to your DOWNLOAD folder and install the program on your computer.

2. Access the eBIR Forms Offline Package on your computer and fill out your desired Tax Form.

  • Go to your desktop and click this icon;


  • Fill-out all the required data;

  • Select the desired BIR Form and hit the FILL-UP icon;
  • Click “OK”;
  • Fill out the Form;
  • Check all the data and if correct, click “VALIDATE”

Note: You should get this message if the data is correct: VALIDATION SUCCESSFUL”;

  • Click “SAVE”;
  • To print, click File > Print Preview >Print;
  • To save the form to your desktop/cannot print at the moment, click FILE > PRINT > CANCEL PRINT and follow the instruction

3. Bring the Accomplished Form to the Authorized BIR Collecting Bank and Pay the corresponding tax due.

Updated BIR payment channels:  

4. Submit a copy of the bank’s duly validated Income Tax Form to the nearest BIR Office and keep another copy for your file.
Final Thoughts
Using the eBIR Forms is easy. You need to remember just four steps: DOWNLOAD, FILL-OUT, PAY, and SUBMIT. Click to Tweet.

If you want to get help in filing your income tax, please get in touch with me through any of my social media accounts or direct message me on my mobile phone. I would be glad to help you.

Do you have helpful tips in paying your income taxes promptly? Please share them in the comment section below. I am sure a lot of us will be glad to know more tips in filing BIR taxes.

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