Shopee’s #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair Launches to Support Filipino Businesses

The trade fair, which runs this February 19-21, is part of Shopee and DTI’s joint efforts to promote and support local businesses

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, launches #TatakPinoy, a virtual trade fair geared towards supporting homegrown Filipino brands and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Shopee consistently advocates for the growth of local businesses. Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, which forced hundreds of Filipino businesses to close physical shops, Shopee supported over 1,000 sellers transitioning online through Shopee’s Seller Masterclasses and its partnerships with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and local government units.

The initiatives helped Filipino entrepreneurs gain a basic understanding of e-commerce and digital marketing. Sellers were also able to master Shopee’s marketing tools, helping them achieve their maximum potential in e-commerce.

To further strengthen support for local entrepreneurs, Shopee and DTI are set to launch the very first #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair, a campaign that aims to promote products from Filipino brands and local MSMEs.

From February 19 – 21, shoppers can discover local delicacies and pasalubong items, particularly those from Regions XII and IV-A, on Shopee. They can also buy products from Filipina-owned businesses, championed by Shopee and USAID’s partnership to empower local female entrepreneurs.
In its statement, DTI’s Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion announced, “The Department of Trade and Industry – Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion is proud to be a partner for #TatakPinoy on Shopee. This initiative will connect thousands of consumers to more than a hundred MSMEs on one platform”.

“We invite Filipinos from all over the country to patronize and take pride in products that are certified #TatakPinoy from the National Trade Fair Pop-up Store and Go Lokal! Shopee Mall”, the statement added.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “We strongly believe in the importance of uplifting homegrown entrepreneurs. From microbusinesses to SMEs, these local brands all contribute to the Philippine economy’s growth as a whole”.

“Considering that most local businesses still can’t promote their products outside of online platforms due to the pandemic, Shopee also wants to create the opportunity to showcase the best Filipino brands. We will continue to spearhead campaigns that help reignite pride and demand for local products and drive the growth of the economy.”

Aside from discovering high-quality local craftsmanship and assisting local businesses in the process, shoppers can enjoy exclusive discounts up to 10% off on participating Filipino brands such as Colourette, Vice Cosmetics, and Human Nature.

Shoppers can also enjoy more deals when they checkout using ShopeePay. For more information about the #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair, visit

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.


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  1. I admire shopee for this kind of campaign and activity! They are generous and has helped a lot of Pinoy.

  2. I think this is actually a great thing because I know how hard it can be launching or maintaining a business during this pandemic

  3. Virtual trade exhibition and launches are the only way in this pandemic era glad to know industry is taking steps to go ahead with trade fair virtually

  4. What a wonderful business opportunities and campaign to have businesses rally together during these hard times. Great job to those who organize this!

  5. I am such a fan of Shoppee and the other one since the pandemic. I used to work as a consultant in a mall clinic, and I work there twice a week, pre-pandemic.

    But with the risk, I chose to concentrate in my own practice, where I can control my exposure. I used to be in the mall every week, so I had no problem shopping for things. And then the pandemic broke. HAHAHA.

  6. Thats a great initiative, I guess in these trying times all businesses could use a little support.

  7. Great ideas and I am glad that it is so accessible to shoppers. thanks for letting us know about this! – Knycx Journeying

  8. Ah this happened a couple months ago? I did read about it. Pinoy ako, and a very proud one!

  9. This company really does a lot to help small biz an its customers. THis is nice to see@

  10. A great way to get brands together and showcase their products. When I had my business I would go to these trade shows.

  11. This is a worthy project especially for businesses that are struggling during this pandemic.

  12. Shoppe sounds like a great idea to get the economy going again after COVID and Shoppe Pay makes it easy and safe for customers to shop. Hope this is a success.

  13. Too bad not being able to take advantage of it because everything is really great!

  14. Shopee payday sale today and I will check out all the Tatak pinoy products for checkout. Thanks for this post!

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