Doing our Routine Under the New Normal

We have to live amidst the pandemic. We need to buy our food, go to the groceries and do all sorts of errands. But we have to observe safety precautions to avoid getting the deadly disease.

In today’s fast-paced environment, there is no room for slowpokes. We maintain a hectic schedule for the week. These include attending our small café shop where we serve some meals and snacks, six days a week.

And during Sundays, we do the groceries for the next week, eat a decent meal for lunch, and take out for dinner.
So, you may think, we are not health-conscious because we can’t even squeeze everything we should accomplish given the limited time. Think again.


Our Health Gear


Our days are going to continue to be different. There are new strains discovered, and the virus continues to mutate. It is hard to tell if the person you are facing is a COVD 19-carrier.


Leaving the house without our face mask, face shield, and alcohol is like jumping on a helicopter without a parachute. So, I make sure we have this set ready as we close the door.


Health experts tell us that the most common way of COVID 19 infection is through human interaction. When a COVID 19 positive coughs, sneezes, or talks, his respiratory droplets go in the air and can travel about six feet. If you are nearby, it could land in your mouth or nose.  


Asymptomatic persons can also spread the virus. Those who do not know they have it because there are no symptoms. Clearly, wearing a face mask helps slow down the spread of the virus.


Ilwoul Hygienic Mask


Throughout this challenging time, we have changed the way we think about hygiene and how we should do everything at our disposal to stay safe and healthy. This includes wearing a face mask that guarantees a safe face-covering against airborne disease, including the coronavirus.

So, when my wife introduced me to Ilwoul face mask, I immediately noticed the significant difference against the regular face mask. By the way, Ilwoul is a Korean-based company. So, you might have an idea why my pretty wife was interested in using the face mask.  


So, these are what I found out about the product.


  1. The mask is individually wrapped, making it more hygienic.  Usually, the regular face masks are packed in a box. When you get a piece from the box, you may touch the other pieces with your hands. Isn’t it that our hands are the dirtiest part of our body. Instead of preventing contamination, you may end up getting the virus by your hand touching the unus

  2. The mask is easy to use and adjustable. You can get the direction on how to put on the mask on the package. Adjusting it effectively will give you a secure fit from your nose, cheeks, and under the chin, making no room for your droplets to come out. Thus, the spread of the virus is prevented. 
  3. You can breathe comfortably while wearing the mask. Because it has a 3D design system, your mouth doesn’t touch the covering. When there is no hindrance to your mouth, breathing is easy.
  4. It is reusable 20 times.The best part, you can save a few pesos because you can reuse it 20 times. While it may seem pricey, you can save in the long run because it is reusable.Just soak the mask in a 1:1 solution of alcohol and water for 5 minutes and air dry. Then, you can use it the next day like it is brand new.
  5. The product is FDA-approved.  We all know that when a regulating body stamps its approval on the product, it passed through a series of tests and scrutiny. Therefore, we can say that the Ilwoul face mask is safe to use and is one of the most effective face masks available.



Final Thoughts


Fighting the virus seems like an eternity. But it doesn’t mean we will surrender. We have all the means to fight back. Using FDA-approved products like the Ilwoul Face Mask will keep us from getting or transmitting the dreaded disease.
Ilwoul products are available on sale at the 5.5 Brand Festival of Shopee. You may click this link to access the store. or you may visit the Shopee store here. The 5.5 Brands Festival is ongoing. Get discounts and other irresistible deals from various brands.
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  1. I agree, our days are, going forward, is a new normal and wearing a face mask should be a routine. I must look up Ilwoul Hygienic Mask to see if its available in UK.

  2. I've seen this face mask on TV, worn by a celebrity. I didn't know that it's called Ilwoul face mask and that it's originally from Korea. Thanks for the info! I'll look for this mask.

  3. I've seen this face mask on TV, worn by a celebrity. I didn't know that it's called Ilwoul face mask and that it's originally from Korea. Thanks for the info! I'll look for this mask.

  4. This sure does feel like an eternity! Sending good vibes!

  5. I was not a fan of the mask, but still wore it. Now the CDC says we can go mask free… I don't think so. I will still be wearing it until they say covid is done with 100%. My routine is a lot like yours and will stay that way.

  6. Although here in Germany, we are still pretty privileged, I'm sick and tired of the 'new normal'. Actually, I was very happy with the old normal – and cannot wait for it to come back.

  7. Wearing a mask is really common in Japan, even before COVID, because it is common curtesy to do so when you are sick or suffering from allergies. I have to look into those masks as I might need many.

  8. That's true that we are subconciously entering a new routine that changes our lives and habits. It's kinds "interesting" seeing them in a list and thanks a lot for sharing with us. 🙂 – Knycx Journeying

  9. I hope we will soon not have to wear masks. However, I know this virus is NEVER going away. We are going to have to learn to live with it like other viruses.

  10. So true, what will the new normal be? Only time will tell! There will definitely be a lot of changes, especially in the UK.

  11. WHo knows what our new normal will be? I think masks will be a part of it for a long time to come — even if we are not using them full-time anymore. These masks that you show here may be useful! Thank for sharing@

  12. These are indeed helpful tips. I think face masks are here to stay for a long period of time.

  13. We are all discovering our new normal. People in the pat had similar such experiences during other outbreaks. We will get through this.

  14. It has become part of my routine, I have them in my bag and in the car!

  15. I don't have a fancy mask- I tend to use the disposable ones. And yes, this is new normal for now, but I hope it ends soon.

  16. Face masks are so important. Here in the States, it's been like pulling teeth to get people to wear them. So ridiculous.

  17. Things are certainly differnet in our new world, but it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy life. I think the key is just to do the things we need to to be safe.

  18. It is so true that we are all living in such a different and scary world today. Face Masks are a key part of staying safe. The Ilwoul Hygienic Mask looks like a great product. I like that you can reuse this 20 times and that it comes individually wrapped.

  19. Been wearing face masks for 18 months and counting! Oh my goodness. It seems like this is going to be the real new normal. I don't mind though. If it keeps me and my family safe while we go out for necessities, then I will wear it even if it means forever.

  20. I heard a lot about Ilwoul Hygienic Mask! I hope I can buy one soon. It looks so sturdy.

  21. I do agree that the new normal now is not leaving the house without a mask. I've never heard of Ilwoul hygenic mask before, it sounds like a great product.

  22. Clap for y'all!!!! I am glad you are fighting the COVID head on…and masking up more!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  23. I think I've seen this mask before but haven't tried it yet. It's definitely the new normal now and hope everybody keeps safe nowadays.

  24. It's my first time hearing about Ilwoul's face mask, the mask looks cool and has many layers. Also it's nice that the mask can be used more than 10 times.

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