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How to Dress Casual in the Workplace in 2021

When I was in the corporate world many years ago, dressing up is a must. I would spend hours on a meeting with my boss or the whole afternoon with colleagues discussing a future project. I cannot afford to look bad in front of them.

They say that how you project your professional business look reflects how much you care for your career. That is very true. Your clothes show how your colleagues and subordinates would respect you.

Modern Men’s Business Attire
Men’s business attire has significantly changed over the years. Before, business executives were very stiff in their black coat and tie ensemble. In recent years though, men’s office wear is a lot more casual and laid-back.
That’s a good thing. I had a more relaxed office atmosphere, which promotes rapport and efficiency. Plus, it gave me more space to express my personality.
I prefer to come into the office in a modernized version of our Barong Tagalog in short sleeves to achieve a more casual look.   I picked the ones made from soft linen or cotton.  The embroidery should be conservative. The cut is on the slimmer silhouette side so as not to flatter my big size. Neat formal pants and black leather shoes completed my style.

On Fridays, I went a bit down farther by donning a collared shirt and maong jeans. Then, I finished the look with a pair of boat shoes.
On top of this, I do not forget to wear my favorite wristwatch and a leather belt. Wearing these personal add-ons is perfect for expressing my unique style and enhancing my overall look.
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Selecting the Best Accessories
Speaking of accessories, your choice of a wristwatch can make or break your overall look. While it may seem just like an accessory and a fashion statement, it talks more about your personality – how you are particular about quality, craftsmanship, and time.

Always on the lookout for timepieces that are classic in design, affordable, and functional. If you have these qualities on your watch, then you’re destined to be popular and respected in the workplace.
Elevate your Brand
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  1. True, look is very important from a haircut to a perfect dress and outfit. And even smell good when at home. This is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these info, I think I'll follow them starting from the next week. Your blog is awesome.

  3. I couldn't agree more with elevating your brand. I think more people focus on fitting in when we're born to be unique — ourselves. You're your own brand.

  4. If I know so much about women's fashion, I actually miss a lot about men's fashion even and above all on occasions like these! Interesting!

  5. Nice post👍 thanks for sharing 👍

  6. Great tips on how to look good while still dressing casual at work. I agree that certain accessories is key. As a guy that is in general limited but a classic watch or nice blazer can really keep you sharp while giving you that relaxing feel.

  7. I find it so important to dress appropriately on the job – doesn't even have to be too fancy or over the top; just classy…and casual can absolutely be classy, too.

  8. I always dress casual in the workplace, I am a preschool teacher. I can't really dress up as my clothes tear easily or get dirty.

  9. It's really great to see that businesses are allowing their employees to wear something more comfortable for work. Love the tips!

  10. I used to shop so much for clothes, pre-pandemic. I haven't bought any new clothes, I think, just PPEs. (I am a dentist).

    Anyway, I've never experienced the corporate life, and I never will. I have always fantasaized about it.

  11. My boyfriend also said the same thing about choosing wristwatches – he's invested in a few expensive ones (both steel and leather straps). I also often see him wear boat shoes so I got him a pair from Sperry last Christmas. I HOPPPE I can convince him to wear Barong Tagalog short sleeves though (he's French)! These are helpful tips, I'll be sure to pass this along.


  12. Your brand is really good. They look perfect!

  13. I miss getting dressed for work. Now that I am working from home I live in workout clothes or leggings. lol

  14. I have not bought any new clothes for work recently but I would love to have a new watch.

  15. Good advice, after the pandemic people may turn up in their PJs to work! Slippers will be the new work shoe! I am not looking forward to returning to work but I enjoy getting ready and feeling smart after long lockdowns in the UK. Great article.

  16. You can still dress professional and look fab! Choosing one piece of garment differently can spice up your whole outfit

  17. Probably that depends a lot on country and organization. But you have made a point.

  18. Ben says:

    Excellent tips! Of course, if you work at home like me, you can be as causal as you like. I'm sitting here right now in a t-shirt and boxers.

  19. I wear pjs to work most days. Is that casual enough?

  20. These are nice tips to look stylish and cool in the workplace. We wear uniforms though so we don't have to think about it too much.

  21. I love this article focusing on how to look at work. I also believe that what you wear sets off a certain expectation.

  22. Hihi…I love how you've shared the history of dressing for the workplace, back in the day. With the way things are going now, a lot more is bound to change. I just can't wait to adjust accordingly.

  23. This brand looks good! I'll add this to my wishlist! I really like the designs!

  24. Nice post; you make some good points about men's personal style.

  25. I love the watch. You have a great sense of style. Love the suggestions.

  26. Anna says:

    I agree that accessories can really elevate a look, even if the clothing is super-casual. I'm so glad that many companies have relaxed their dress codes over the past several years, and I think this will continue, especially post-pandemic.

  27. These are some really good tips on dressing casual.

  28. This was such a great post! I think it's important to realize that casual doesn't equal messy or unfit for work. If you do it right you can look ready to go and still be comfy.

  29. Ha.ha.. if wfh, then thats the best get-up

  30. It's nice working in a corporate environment. But with us government agencies, we have regular uniforms to wear. Good thing we still have one day to flaunt our "stylist" self to dress up…

  31. Great advice! I'm glad I've never had the issue of dressing well for work. It's either been a uniform or old clothes to get mucked in among cattle.

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