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Unforgettable Mud Spa Experience in Pattaya, Thailand

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary:  Are you in for the best spa experience of your lifetime? But instead of a luxurious resort, you’re frolicking in the mud with elephants.

Visiting the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary (EJS) in Pattaya, Thailand, was an unforgettable experience our family will cherish forever. Nestled in the lush landscapes of Chon Buri, Thailand,  the sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to interact with these gentle giants in a respectful and ethical manner.

From feeding the elephants to learning about innovative conservation efforts, our day was filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable memories.

Before the activity started,  the guide thoroughly briefed us on the elephant’s welfare, behavior, and essential safety protocols.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Our first amazing encounter after the briefing was with elephants at feeding time.

Feeding the Elephants

Our first amazing encounter after the briefing was with elephants at feeding time. We were amazed by the sheer size of these gentle giants as we hand-fed them fresh bananas and pineapples.

Getting so close allowed us to marvel at their skill in grasping the treats with their agile trunks. It was fascinating to watch them deftly strip and discard the pineapple leaves before savoring the fruit with their mouths.

The guides instructed us on proper hand hygiene and positioning to ensure both our safety and the elephants’ comfort during these intimate interactions.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
The elephants’s diet supplement includes fresh fruits and veggies like bananas, pumpkins, and melons. Rice and other minerals are also included as part of the treat.

Elephant Vitamin & Dung Paper Making

Visitors can lend a hand prepping the elephants’ nutritious meals by chopping fresh fruits and veggies like bananas, pumpkins, and tamarinds. After mixing in  rice, minerals, and supplements, you get to personally feed these colossal veggie-lovers.

One unique activity is crafting paper from the elephants’ dung. After drying and soaking the dung into a pulp, you’ll spread it onto screens to sun-dry into sheets. Decorating this eco-friendly paper with seeds, flowers, or stamps creates memorable souvenirs. Best of all, this clever recycling reduces waste at the sanctuary.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Treating this elephant to a mud spa is definitely the messiest and most memorable experience at the EJS.

Mud Spa Experience

The mud spa is definitely the messiest and most memorable experience at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

After meeting the gentle giants, you’ll head to the muddy pit with them. They will happily splash and roll around, and you’ll get to join them. Scoop up gobs of the thick, gooey mud and slather it all over the elephants’ rough hides. They will love the mud massage.

With all the splashing of mud and water, you’ll end up covered in mud too. Other tourists may also join in the fun of splashing water with you. After lots of laughter and mud-slinging fun, you’ll head to the shower area to enjoy a nice bath

Tips in Going to the EJS

  1. Get ready early as they come to pick you up ahead of schedule
  2. When feeding the elephant, stay in front and feed one banana or pineapple at a time.
  3. Bring a camera, umbrella or a hat, sunscreen, a bathing suit, a towel and a change of clothes.

Supporting efforts for elephants’ survival

We left the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary not only with a deeper appreciation for these magnificent animals but also with a renewed commitment to supporting efforts that ensure their survival and well-being.

You can visit Elephant Jungle Sanctuary at two different times during the day. The morning visit takes place from 6:30 am to 11:30 am and the afternoon visit takes place from 12:30 to 17:30 pm.

The package includes one traditional Thai buffet meal, pick up and drop off to your accommodation in Pattaya, drinking water, coffee and  food for feeding the elephants.

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  1. karen says:

    What an amazing experience this must have been! I would love to feed elephants, that would be unforgettable for sure…

  2. vidya says:

    this sounds like an amazing experience indeed.. i am sure we will love it too.. i have gone to an elephant sanctuary in india and there we did feed these gentle giants ..

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