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The Samsung Galaxy A03 Review / Through the Lens of a First Jobber

The COVID 19 pandemic changes the way we do our corporate and personal business. We work from home while our kids attend virtual classes. With a mobile phone and an internet connection, we also buy our household needs and pay our bills online.

But not all of us own a mobile phone that can perform essential functions such as texting, messaging, and turning out good pictures.

According to a survey,  three-in-ten Filipino adults do not own a mobile phone. The finding may sound alarming since our life revolves around that small gadget in our pocket.

Recently, Samsung released a budget-friendly phone – the Samsung Galaxy A03. This smartphone could be the answer for people who may not have the luxury to own a premium phone that can do more than the primary function of a mobile phone.

Tapping the young segment of our population, Samsung hopes to empower Gen Z’s to be productive in school or at work and enjoy awesome moments with the Samsung Galaxy A03.

Looking through the Lens

I asked our youngest daughter’s thoughts on the latest addition to the “A” series. Ciara graduated from college with a Latin honor two years ago and works for an international product research agency.

Mostly, her day is spent on Zoom meetings, calling clients, and designing graphics for social media posts. Through all these duties, she uses a mobile phone and a laptop. She just recently bought a Samsung Galaxy A52 as a personal gift.

For this review, I asked her to keep her new phone and instead use the Samsung Galaxy A03 for one week. Here are what she says about this awesome device.

Bigger Screen, More Tasks Accomplished

Galaxy A03

The Samsung Galaxy A03 is considered a large-screen mobile phone by mobile device standards. Usually, phones with 5.5 inches or larger fit into this category. The A03 model has a 6.5-inch screen with 720 x 1560 pixels.

With a large screen display, Ciara did a lot of tasks simultaneously. Using multiple tabs, she answered e-mails and checked updates from her social networks while attending her weekly Zoom meeting.

The Best Selfie for Less 

Galaxy A03

Ciara, just like any other Gen Z’s, loves to take pictures of herself, our dogs, the food that we love to eat, nature, and anything that she likes at the moment.

The phone’s dual camera on the rear – 48 MP Main Camera and 2MP Depth Sensor with Live Focus feature and 5 MP with Screen Flash in front helped her take stunning selfies and perfect pictures for social media.

NATURAL BEAUTY. This image was taken using Ga;axy A03 with natural lighting.

Long-lasting Battery Life, No Unexpected Interruptions

Having a phone with a bigger battery capacity is heaven-sent. You can use the device for an extended time without interruption, accomplishing more tasks and assignments.

Ciara loves the 5,000 mAh Li-Po Battery of the A03 model. She said she doesn’t need to worry about unexpected “stops” during online meetings or important business calls from her Boss based in Australia because the new phone’s battery can last a day under normal usage.

Huge Storage, More Apps and Files Saved

Saving all the applications you need for your work, games, and social media platform makes a difference. With the latest phone, you can have the best of both worlds. Playing games or checking your timeline after a hectic day is all we need to “breath”.

Ciara loves to play girlie games. She has a lot of that stuff saved on the phone but still has space for other apps in the future.   Depending on your needs, the Samsung Galaxy A03 is available in three variants:  32GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal storage. 

The Design 

Galaxy A03

The Samsung Galaxy A03 combines streamlined design aesthetics with a cross-hatched light pattern and soft matte finish on the back. The mobile device is available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Red.

Ciara loves the matte finish because it protects the device from scratches and fingerprint smudges.

The Price

Get the new Samsung Galaxy A03,  now available for:

      • PHP 5,490 SRP (3+32GB)
      • PHP 6,490 SRP (3+64GB)
      • PHP 7,490 SRP (4+128GB)

Visit the Samsung Official Store on Shopee here

Final Thoughts

Samsung empowers the young generations with the new Galaxy A03, an affordable mobile phone that can do many things. Capture that extraordinary moment now and be on top of the game.

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  1. Angela Williams says:

    I thought about getting this, after reading this I like it more now

  2. My current phone is losing charge pretty quickly, and I also have a Samsung phone. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, this A03 sounds very good! Excellent review.

  3. Jennifer Prince says:

    I’m such an iPhone person, but I also thought about switching. This seems like a really good option!

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  5. Joyce K. says:

    I don’t know much about Samsung, or do I hear much about people’s though on it. So this article really did help me learn a little more about the product

  6. linda says:

    Thanks for the review of Samsung Galaxy a03 .I am planning to change my mob .Features sounds good to me.

  7. I’m not surprised it’s a great phone. Samsung is an excellent brand.

  8. I’m not an android person myself, but I have heard great things about this model.

  9. Great review! you covered all really good points. I wish that it come in more colors than just black or primary colors.

  10. The phone is amazing!!! I want This Samsung so badly. The features are amazing…

  11. Neely Moldovan says:

    Oh my husband has been looking at this! He is a huge Samsung fan!

  12. Angela Williams says:

    My son was very interested in reading this post. Great job.

  13. Looks like an amazing phone!

  14. Rosey says:

    That middle option is great for teens too. Every teen has to have a phone these days.

  15. Gervin Khan says:

    Awesome review for this model, it’s very informative and detailed. What I love is the on point for the pros and cons. This model is perfect for basic to mid-user from what I’ve read.

  16. Melanie Edjourian says:

    This sounds like a great phone. A large screen is very useful to have.

  17. Thanks for the honest review. I only care about the battery and good camera and this looks like a perfect phone for me.

  18. I’ve been contemplating if I should buy this phone. Thanks for the review. I think I will.

  19. Yes, that’s such a significant trade, having more time before your battery runs down

  20. This is interesting, I’ve never owned a Samsung before and will get one soon.

  21. oooh this model is really affordable! i wonder if Samsung Galaxy A03 is on DITO telecom approved list?

  22. Haven’t heard of this yet but reading this post makes me learn more about it. I would definitely go for one which has a good battery. Thanks for sharing this.

  23. Ooh so many upgrades! I’m considering Samsung for my next phone 🙂

  24. I love Samsung. All my gadgets at home are from Samsung.

  25. The statistics that you shared are really quite interesting. We are definitely a digital world but that doesn’t mean that everybody in the world has gone digital.

  26. This Galaxy model looks really cool. I know my son will love this one.

  27. This looks like the phone for people who do work on the go. Love the screen width, makes it feel like I can do anything!

  28. I never had a Galaxy but now that everyone is talking about it i wanna check it out.

  29. Angela Williams says:

    My son has been telling me about this. That the camera is remarkable.

  30. The phone is really nice and fits in basically any budget. Good option for a person who doesn’t have much to spare but still wants a good quality tech. You review is detailed and nicely balanced

  31. That looks amazing and I’m sure my eldest would love this since she likes getting selfies. I am liking the specs and features on this phone, maybe I’ll check it out sometime.

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