summer outing

Creative Way to Hold a Family Summer Outing Despite the Lockdown

Most of us experienced canceled travel, postponed birthdays, or other deferred celebrations because of the lockdown.   But our family did not let the quarantine situation spoil the annual family summer outing, which we had already planned long before the COVID-19 pandemic phenomenon. It has always been a tradition to have a family get-together every summer. Most …

computer hacks

Amazing Computer Hacks and Tricks for Non-Techies

Computer Hacks / We do most of our work using our computers. Don’t you know that there are best keyboard shortcuts to the commonly used computer commands? Using these keyboard hacks and tricks will make our work faster because it requires minimal use of the mouse, making us produce more output quickly. So, here are …

satori cliff basay

Five Fun Things to do in Satori Cliff Basay, Negros Oriental

Satori Cliff Basay, Negros Oriental, is a must-see place for someone who loves nature and extreme water activities. Going to Satori Cliff takes a lot of travel time, around five hours if you are coming from Bacolod City. So, to make your effort more practical, you should include this tourist sight as part of your …


UNIQLO Set to Open its Online Store in the Philippines

Japanese global apparel retailer, UNIQLO, is set to launch its E-commerce platform to the local market in the second half of 2020, to be available both in the UNIQLO website and mobile application.  With millions of internet users in the country, there is a strong customer demand for online shopping in the Philippines. This trendy global …

Brazaville Beach Resort

Three Awesome Things to do in Brazaville Beach Resort + Resort Review

Exploring Hinoba-an is incomplete without staying at Brazaville Beach Resort.  For local tourists coming in from Bacolod City early in the morning, this is a strategic place for lunch because you will reach the place at lunchtime.  So your tummy will tell you it is time to eat when you pass by this resort. When my siblings …

Food, Travel

Eight Top Reasons Why You Should Eat Out at PALAWUD RESTO GRILL

Palawud Resto Grill / If you think you cannot get a good nice view of a sunset in a busy and progressive city with tall buildings all around the area like Bacolod City, then you are wrong.  The City of Smiles has many restaurants that offer a scenic view of the sunset. Last Monday, my wife …


Celebrating Milestone Amidst the Corona Pandemic

Today, we are celebrating the 23rd birthday of our youngest daughter, Ciara. Who says that the pandemic will hamper us from celebrating a significant milestone? Today is a memorable day as we celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday. While previous birthdays were celebrated outside the house, we were forced to stay home this time. It was …