Five Pre-Graduation Preparations For a Smooth and Seamless Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is the beginning of another journey. 

For Filipino families, when someone in the family is a part of a graduation ceremony, the occasion is a remarkable event for the graduating student, parents, and siblings. It is the culmination of the hardships and sacrifices of everyone in the family.

The road to the graduation ceremony is a challenge – from submitting the final project paper and last-minute reports to buying the graduation dress, fitting the gown, and a host of other graduation-related preparations.

Our youngest daughter, Ciara Alyssa, graduated last summer of 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from Riverside College.  She was CUM LAUDE and Legacy awardee. These awards, especially the Latin Honor, are extra special for us parents because it shows that she is one of the top students in her batch.

Like any proud parents, we are excited to see her march and come up the stage to receive her diploma.  In this article, I will discuss the preparations that should be made for a memorable graduation ceremony.

Book a hotel room in advance .



Usually, a graduation ceremony is a whole-day affair – the whole morning is dedicated to the Baccalaureate Mass. In contrast, the graduation ceremony is scheduled in the afternoon.

Getting a hotel room near the ceremony venue and checking in the night before is practical to give ample time for preparation and travel to and from the venue and hotel.  We checked in at the L Fisher Hotel’s Ecotel, about 15 minutes drive to the event’s venue, SMX Convention Center. Going to the venue early in the scheduled time allowed us to relax and get our reserved seats hassle-free.

Staying in the hotel gave us the luxury of returning after the morning program. We leisurely ate our lunch and prepared ourselves for the afternoon session.

Graduation hairstyles / Set an appointment with themake-up session artist early .

During the graduation months, most of the make-up artists are fully booked, making it difficult to get our preferred beautician. Therefore, giving a call to your beauty expert ahead of time will make a difference.

Since this occasion happens once in her lifetime, we made it a point to make Ciara doubly beautiful because she was comfortable having the same make-up artist every time she needed one.

Secure the tickets for the reserved seats.


During the program, there are specific rules to follow. You must bring your tickets as a pass to enter the venue. Most schools are rigorous in enforcing this rule because of the limited seats and capacity that are allowed inside the event’s venue.

Riverside College has the most disciplined and strict committees that ensure the whole proceedings run smoothly. While clamors were heard in the afternoon’s program, these were addressed promptly by the energetic members of the committees.

Graduation Picture Background / Bring a camera and extra batteries.


A graduation ceremony is a precious moment that should be immortalized through pictures. Having a camera and batteries on hand will accomplish this goal.

Riverside College has engaged the services of a single photography agency’s services, which helped ensure that the ceremony was as quiet and solemn as possible since only these uniformed personnel were seen taking pictures and videoing the program.

We used our camera during the post-graduation picture-taking with classmates, friends, and family members.

Graduation Gift Ideas / Plan out the post-graduation celebration

While most of the soon-to-be graduates’ families were not particular about celebrations, it is wise to decide where and what to eat ahead of time. This will give the restaurant ample time to prepare and designate the table for us.

Our post-graduation celebration was held at Clems Bisto. This is the ideal place because it is far away from the program venue, with little traffic, allowing us to reach the restaurant on time.

Final Thoughts

College graduation comes only once; making it memorable and hassle-free is the aim of everyone. Following these simple preparations will guarantee smooth graduation proceedings.

Do you have a memorable graduation, too?  Please share your experience in the Comment Section below.

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