E-Filing of Request for DOLE’s Certificate of Unemployment or Involuntary Separation in 2020

Good news to all SSS members. 

The request and issuance of Certificate of Unemployment or Involuntary Separation issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) are now processed online.

The DOLE certificate is required for the application of the SSS Unemployment Benefit.

What are the requirements of the online application?

  1. Notice of Termination issued by the employer or Duly Notarized Affidavit of   Termination of Employment;
  2. Government-issued Identification Card;
  3. Active Gmail account where the Certificate will be emailed

 What are the steps?


1. Access the DOLE Regional Office website nearest you. You may search your region’s website, using these keywords: “dole + region name”;


2. From the Home Page, scroll down and look for “Request for Certificate of Involuntary Separation” button;


3. You will be lead to this screen. Read DOLE’s Data Privacy Disclosure and click the “Next” button;


4. Fill up all the required data and click the “Next” button until you reach the last page;


4. Attach a photocopy of one of your government-issued IDs and the photocopy of the Notice of Termination or Duly Notarized Affidavit of Termination of Employment;


5. Follow the uploading instructions;


6. Click the “Submit” button and click “OK” in the confirmation box.


7. Check your inbox for the Acknowledgement Receipt from DOLE;


8. Check your inbox for the status of your online application. DOLE will send the Certificate to your email.

Final thoughts

The pandemic brings out the best in each one of us.  DOLE has level-up their services by having one of this e-filing services to the public.

This is timely considering that we are still fighting the spread of the corona virus.  

Now, we can process our request for DOLE-related services within the comfort of our homes.

Did you experience filing your DOLE-related request thru online? Please comment below. We are glad to know how you rate the e-services of DOLE.

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Did you apply for the SSS Unemployment Benefit?  Was it approved and you received the proceeds?  Please share these in the Comments Section.  

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