10 Childhood Memories That I Miss: Life’s Lesson that Every Child Should Learn on Early in Life.

My life in the province is simple. I grew up without a mobile phone, an iPod, or a laptop. We learned everything through our elders. We had a friendly neighborhood where everyone knows everybody.

Things are different now. The world is a rat-race society. We let technology run our life. And we have so many problems. 
With all the things happening in the country and the world, it is nice to go back to your childhood pasts, if only to appreciate what you have and what you are made of in the hope that sometimes in the future, things will get better.

Photo Credit:  Randy Javier Fadrigo

So, here are the 10 Childhood Memories that I miss and will inspire younger generations to make a difference in the world.




1.  School is life. Our parents ensure that we are in school. If you misbehave or get low scores in quizzes, you are reprimanded. Our parents never complain. They considered it as a way of disciplining us;


2.  Weekends and school breaks are “lifer”. When there are no classes, we would go to the river and swim with our friends. Then on our way home, we would climb bayabas (guava) or tambis (watery apple fruit) tree and get its fruit.


It was fun walking with friends and eating the fruit while talking nonsense;

Photo Credit: Randy Javier Fadrigo

3. We are safe in the neighborhood. We are happy roaming around the community without fear of anything. We would get Indian mango and santol (cotton fruit) using an improvised fruit picker. We would get home dirty until the sunset.


4. We can only play after we finish the assigned household chores. We would play panagu-ay (hide and seek),  tumbang preso (knock down the can), pityaw (stick game), or baraha (card game). Our games are limitless and we are imaginative.


5. Everyone in the neighborhood treated each other like family. We call them Nanay or Tatay. Tiyoy or Tiyay, Nang or Nong, Auntie or Uncle, even if we are not related to each other;


6. McDonald’s and Jollibee were not yet fast-food giants. Our parents obligingly cook for us. We would eat anything vegetable, grilled fish, or native chicken tinola. I always have a hearty meal.


7. After so many games, we would share the same bottle of Royal Tru Orange, Coke, Mirinda, or Pepsi after wiping it with our dirty hands or sleeves. There was no Diet Coke or Pepsi Light then. But we seldom got sick.


8. Kids do not keep guns or knives. If someone fought, it was just a clean sumbaganay (brawl) and you sometimes had to shake hands even if your lip is bleeding;


9. The sun is our clock. If we see that it is getting dark, we would run home. Otherwise, you would risk being fetched by a belt or tree branch (improvised cane).


10.We watched our mouths around our elders. We would get reprimanded in front of other people if we were disrespectful in any way. We would cower in fear knowing that the next worst thing to happen is a pinch in your ears or a slap on your face.  



There are many things I wish my three daughters and every child should know so that they can apply them in their lives. 


These are nuggets of wisdom I learned from childhood up to now. I am 50 years old plus. I think I have it.


1.  Education is important. You are equipped better facing the world if you are educated. While this may not guarantee your success in the future, getting a diploma is every parent’s dream for their children.


2. Take it slowly. Slowdown. Don’t rush. Weigh down your options. Taking it all at the same time spells burn-out.


3. Appreciate what you have. Do you think your parents will always be there? Your family, friends, money, health, or career are just temporary. So, appreciate these blessings while they are there.


4. Be on the safe side. Whether life-changing decisions or not, always think of your safety and security. No one is to blame but you if things will not turn out good.


5.  Pray. Trust His ways. Always ask for guidance. If He closes your door, He will open another. Trust me, it works.


Final Thoughts


Looking back on your childhood past brings nostalgia. Sometimes you get emotional remembering situations that you overcame; when life is not yet complicated.


Now, we are living in a technology-driven environment. Relationships are getting too impersonal. People are becoming self-centered.


Our pasts and the lessons we learned will see us through as we find our places in the sun.

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  1. This is such a beautiful and nostalgic article.

    I wish kids would still watch their mouth and value every thing and every moment they have as if they were their life's treasures.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Wonderful thoughts, sir. I grew up in the province, too, and I miss the simplicity of life outside Metro Manila.

  3. This is a lovely article on how simple, sometimes slow, life is in the Province: and that is a blessing in these tech-driven times.

    I didn't grow in the pricine but I've experienced that too living in a suburban subdivision in the 70s amid Cogon and dayami with very few houses yet.

    I hope kids still watch their mouths around the elders, pray, and value the things they have which may or may not last forever.

    Thank you for these lessons, Sir.


  4. Sana pwede ulit bumalik sa pagkabata noh. Ang daming alaala na pwede din natin nashare sa ating mga anak.😊

  5. Yes I used to do that too after school or on weekend. We didnt have lake or river near by but we love to just hang out, climb tree as well

  6. I had a dream last night that I was still in school. It was so oddly freeing you dont realize how much irresponsibly you have when you're young and dependent on others for all the hard things in life.

  7. I love this post! I'm reminiscing while reading! But the sad part is the current new generation will not have a chance to experience this kind of childhood :<

  8. These life lessons are so awesome and so important. I believe taking it slowly is definitely key in life!

  9. I don't miss my school years at all but yes I did learn a lot of life lessons that I still apply till date.

  10. I love these life lessons that every child should learn. Technology is changing the childhood experiences of many children.

  11. Do agree with you people are getting so much self-centered and are almost missing to live in the every moment of upcoming life..indeed glad you shared a beautiful and important topic with us..great work though…

  12. I miss neighborhood water balloon fights in the summer, those were so fun!

  13. This is such a beautiful reminder article! I am sharing with my family, because of love the simple things.

  14. What a beautiful post for thinking back on fond memories and thinking in the present about what is really important in life!

  15. Everything written here are those special memories I had growing up. Couldn't agree more with school is life and weekends and school holidays are lifer! lol Well done, kuya!

  16. I wish evry kid woukd get to read this … they need to.

  17. Ohhh, missing the simple childhood. How I wish we could go back to simpler times.

    1. vidya says:

      Your childhood memories bring back my own memories of growing up in India (so very similar too!)…

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