How to Determine Your SSS Pension Even Before Your Retirement

Are you planning your future after retirement? 

It is important to know how much pension amount you will receive when you’re past your prime so that you can make your retirement plan early; when you are still productive.

SSS Retirement Benefit Calculator


There is an easy way to know your pension even before you avail of it. Just go to the SSS website and access the SSS Retirement Benefit Calculator.


When you are already inside the SSS Retirement Benefit Calculator, enter your birth date, the year when you started paying your SSS contribution, and current monthly salary.


You also need to enter the Captcha Code and click the “Compute” button.


The SSS calculator will show you the pension amount you will receive if you retire at the age of 60 and another amount if you will avail of the pension at the age of 65.


Who is entitled to avail of the SSS Retirement Benefit?


According to SSS, there are two ways you can avail of the pension benefit.


1. You have already paid at least 120 monthly contributions before the semester of retirement, has reached the age of 60 years old and is already unemployed or stopped being self-employed;


2. You have already paid at least 120 monthly contributions before the semester of retirement, have reached the age of 65 years and  even if still employed/self-employed.


Final Thoughts


We should be planning our retirement now. SSS made it a lot easier for us to know how much pension amount we will receive as we map out how to live in our golden years. 


This is a good way to start thinking of investing and savings which will provide extra funds for us to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life after retirement.

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  1. I am 22 and want to plan for savings for my retirement life so that I can live peacefully.Thanks you for the info! i didn't know about this before.

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