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Why You Should Own a Galaxy Note20 Smartphone?

What is in store when you own a Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra? We have more reasons to be excited about these newest additions to the Samsung family.  The Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra are packed with meaningful innovations to help us maximize our day and power our lifestyle.

While the Galaxy Note20 Series’ stunning display, seamless syncing with Microsoft services, and upgraded S Pen have already made headlines, there’s still more to discover about Samsung’s most powerful Note series yet.

Check out these six more reasons to enjoy using the new Note20 series.

Capture More of the Moment With a Single Take

Galaxy Note20

The Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra’s camera introduces an improved Single Take experience. The AI-powered feature captures up to 14 types of photos and videos simultaneously within five to 15 seconds of capture time.

Make Personality Shine in Portraits

Galaxy Note20

The upgraded Single Take mode on the new phone series doesn’t just provide more time to shoot. Color Picking Portrait has been added to Single Take,  which chooses a color from the subject’s outfit and applies it as the background to create studio-like portraits.

Share Wi-Fi with Friends

Repeatedly sharing the Wi-Fi password with friends can be frustrating. The Galaxy Note20 series removes that pain by allowing users to request Wi-Fi access information from nearby friends. This makes logging in automatic and easy.

Find the Highest Quality Wi-Fi Connection

The Galaxy Note20 series makes it easy to find the fastest and most stable signal connecting to Wi-Fi in public spaces. The Galaxy Note20 series provides information about the login requirements and quality of the connection below the network name to quickly find the most stable and secure connection.

Share your Favorite New Song with a Friend

Galaxy Note20

Nothing brings friends or family together like the shared love for music. The Galaxy Note20 series makes sharing the latest favorite song easy with an upgraded Music Share experience.

Previously, the feature only allowed music to be played on devices connected to a shared friend’s phone.  Now, users can listen to the Buds connected to their phone and the Galaxy Buds connected to their friend’s phone.

Turn on Music Share, select a nearby friend’s Buds, and both will play the same music.

Take Control Over Video Watching With Bixby

The Galaxy Note20 series gives users more control over their watching experience with Bixby voice control. Seamlessly switch to a TV screen via Smart View/ Screen Mirroring by telling Bixby: “Play this show on TV” or switch back by saying, “Play this show on mobile again” for a smooth, continuous viewing experience.

Retail Prices

You can check out how much is the retail prices of the new phones. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra retails at PHP 67,990 for the LTE version. The 5G variant is available at PHP 72,990 through Globe and Smart. Customers can choose between Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Note20 is priced at PHP 53,990 for the LTE version. Its 5G variant, available through Globe and Smart, is priced at PHP 58,990 and comes in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green, or Mystic Gray.

Samsung Promos

There are various treats for you if you buy your Samsung Note20 series now.

  • Zero percent on installments up to 36 months via participating credit cards;
  • “Trade-in, Save up” Program;
  • Free 1st month installment if you used your PNB card;
  • P4,000.00 Cashback Program;
  • Galaxy Note20 series purchased until September 15, 2020, will have a free one-year Samsung Care+ protection.

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Note20 series brings a lot of possibilities to our life. The innovative features incorporated in the new phones transform our current work and play setup to a new level.

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  1. These all sound like awesome reasons to buy this smartphone! I love how fast technology is moving forward!

  2. These phones look so neat! Love the rose gold colored one.

  3. This indeed sounds like a great phone for people who love to take photos. The WiFi sharing thing is also great.

  4. I am looking for a anniversary gift for my husband and this phone looks like a great gift. It’s time to upgrade!

  5. Rose Ann Sales says:

    I love that it has a great sharing mode for wifi.

  6. Nikki Wayne says:

    I like the mystic green color and the shape is so fab!

  7. I am not really a gadget freak but if a device offers a lot of value, i'm totally interested! As you mentioned, it is really embarrassing to ask for a WIFI instead it is better done via Note 20 so thanks for the post. Now i know which device to indulge myself in !

  8. I have the s20 ultra and I thought the galaxy note sounds so much better! I wish I can do an upgrade right now! lol

  9. Sounds like a really great phone. I have been Team Samsung for a while now.

  10. This recommendation looks good. I have been thinking to change my phone, think I should go for it!

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