5 DIY Tips to Keep Your Bed Mattress Clean and Fresh

The pandemic has made us health-conscious. Keeping healthy is not only about social distancing and frequent handwashing. But it is also about keeping the household clean, especially the ones we stay longer when we are at home.


Don’t you know that we spend an average of six hours of sleep, and that means spending the same hours lying on our bed? While dreaming the birds and the bees or merely lounging, dust, dead skin, sweat, and other debris may cling on the bed mattress, which could cause allergies and skin problems. 


When we have health issues, our immune system is low, making us prone to contact infections such as the deadly COVID-19 virus. That’s why keeping our bed mattress clean and fresh is part of our household routine in the new normal.


Here are five simple yet effective way of keeping your night buddy fresh, stain- and odor-free:


1.   Remove the dust.

The best and effective way of getting rid of mattress dust is through a vacuum cleaner. Remove all bedding and covers off the mattress.  Then, grab the vacuum cleaner’s upholstery accessory and aim the nozzle to the fabric’s entire surface, including the sides. Check out for hidden dust or dirt stuck on the seams or quilting, and remove the grime using the crevice tool.


You may vacuum-clean your bed regularly to get rid of loose materials that could cause stains to your beddings when accumulated in the fabric for a long time.


  1. Wipe out the stain immediately

If you are fond of snacking in bed, chances are your bed mattress may have some food remnants or stains on it. You may want to clean up the mess as soon as it happens. Change the sheets immediately and toss the soiled sheets inside the washing machine. 


For the stained bedding, soaked a piece of cloth in water with mild detergent and gently rub the stain. Remove the residue by using a clean damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents with a harsh chemical component as it may damage the mattress’ fabric.


  1. Air out your bed mattress

Let your bed mattress breathe. Sunbathing your mattress for half a day is an excellent way to get rid of moisture, stale odors, and bacteria. Place the mattress in a dry and clean open area where there is direct sunlight.


If you don’t have access to an ideal outdoor spot, open the windows and let your bed mattress sunbathe inside the house.  Just ensure that sunlight can touch the entire fabric evenly. 


  1.  Take a bath before going to bed.  

Believe it or not, the single contributor of dirt in your mattress is you. You shed off dead skin, sweat a lot, and bring in foreign matters from outside. Thus, give yourself a nice bath or cleaning before hitting the sheets. Wearing your freshly-ironed pajamas or loungewear will also help.


Your bed and mattress will stay smelling-fresh longer and will guarantee a pleasant journey towards slumberland.


  1. Get a new bed mattress. 

If you tried every solution to remove stubborn stains or odor and all did not help, it is time to have a bedroom makeover by getting a new bed mattress and a few home accessories that will spruce up your bedroom. You deserve a night of better and comfortable sleep.


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  1. practical tips for all to do. thanka for sharing this.

  2. Gunel Ibadova says:

    Great tips. It'd be better if everone can follow these rules. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I realize that number 3 is something that I can never do. The bed is too heavy, imagine needing 10 people to lift it, and there is no window. Good thing we do 1,2, and 3.

  4. Anonymous says:

    airing your mattress out – I don't make the bed as soon as I get out of it, I pull the sheet and cover down to the bottom and let it air out, usually wait about an hour before making it. I think my mom told me about this years ago. Good article – thank you Denise

  5. I am JUST preparing for spring cleaning, so these tips are NEEDED. Thanks friend!

  6. These are great tips because it's important to have clean and fresh mattress all the time! Although taking it out for sunbathing is impossible since my mattress is quite heavy.

  7. I'm doing taking these steps starting from Monday.

  8. Taking a bath before going to bed is not only good in keeping the mattress clean but also for you! It's a win-win situation.

  9. Thanks for sharing this tips, I observe some of them, will try and start observing all henceforth..

  10. Great tips, I wasn't aware of some. Good tips!

  11. These are great tips! I just find it hard to air out and sunbath our matresses because they are too heavy. And I always need to wait for my hubby to have it done. But it's really a must!

  12. These are helpful tips for me because I have two toddlers. As you know, it's a challenge keeping things fresh at home, including bed mattresses, when you have small kids.

  13. I'm so obsessed for Bed mattress I have a lot of them! It gives me better sleep. These are the great tips on how to better clean a bed mattress awesome!

  14. Great tips! Taking shower before going to bed is the best to keep it clean because we sweat and we get dirty over time. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Great tips. I often freshen my mattress by steaming and using febreeze. I also change it every 5 years or so 🙂

  16. These are great tips. You just reminded me I need to take the vacuum to my bed. It has been a hot minute since I vacuumed it.

  17. Every month or two, I try to clean my sheets and also hang my mattresses outside to get fresh. It is so much better afterwards!

  18. I heard of the vacuum. It seems to be everywhere in social media right now!! Love your tips. They're super helpful!

  19. These are all great tips! It's so important to keep your mattress clean.

  20. Fabulous suggestions! I really needed to hear some of these. I've been thinking of things like this for a while and have been looking everywhere for solid advice.

  21. These are all great tips for keeping your bed's mattress fresh and clean. I never thought about sunbathing my bed but am going to implement it. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This is something most people don't think about much. Great ideas! I'll definitely be incorporating some of these tips into my routine.

  23. I love that you included vacuuming your bed. That's something that most people never think of. I've been vacuuming my bead for years. I really makes a difference.

  24. This was a very interesting read. I've never thought about keeping the mattress clean outside of washing the sheets!

  25. Great tips, I never thought about vacuuming the mattresses since there is sheet on top but I will try it.

  26. Oh, wow! I would have never thought to vacuum my mattress! It makes a lot of sense, though!

  27. I definitely need to do a deep cleaning. I haven't gone through a rigorous cleaning late.y

  28. Airing my mattress always does the trick for me! The mattress returns to me smelling as fresh as new! I highly recommend every mattress owner does it!

  29. Yet another reason to enjoy a bath before bed haha. So many helpful tips, thank you bunches!

  30. So important to keep your mattress clean! Thank you for sharing!

  31. I always wipe out the stain immediately so it is easier to remove. I try to wash it with water first before adding anything so it will not ruin the material.

  32. Couldn't agree more on your points. I see to it that I always took my shower before going to bed and making sure to regularly change my beddings and vacuum it too.

  33. I always do take a bath before going to bed, it's very refreshing at sleep, and i don't know it has own benefit

  34. terrific practical tips. I bet most people do not think to vacuum their mattress.

  35. i don't think I can do the #3.. But it should be.. hahaha

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